The President of Mongolia shall be the Head of State of Mongolia and embodiment of the unity of the people. The President shall enjoy the full rights and powers as enshrined in the Constitution of Mongolia.

The President shall:

  • Exercise the right to veto against a part or entirety of laws and other decisions adopted by the State Great Khural. The laws or decisions shall remain in force if two thirds of the members present in the session of the State Great Khural do not accept the President’s veto;
  • Propose to the State Great Khural the candidature for the appointment to the post of the Prime Minister in consultation with the majority party or parties in the State Great Khural if none of them has majority of seats, as well as to propose to the State Great Khural the dissolution of the government;
  • Instruct the government on issues within the areas of his competence. If the President issues a decree to that effect, the decree shall become effective upon signature by the Prime Minister;
  • Represent the state with full powers in foreign relations and, in consultation with the State Great Khural, to conclude international treaties on behalf of Mongolia;
  • Appoint and recall heads of plenipotentiary missions of Mongolia to foreign countries in consultation with the State Great Khural;
  • Receive the letters of credence or recall of heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states to Mongolia;
  • Confer state titles and higher military ranks and award orders and medals;
  • Grant pardon;
  • Decide matters related to granting and withdrawing Mongolian citizenship and granting asylum;
  • Head the National Security Council of Mongolia;
  • Declare general or partial conscription;
  • Declare a state of emergency or a state of war on the whole or a part of the national territory in the emergency situation described in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 25 of the Constitution of Mongolia in circumstances of urgency where the State Great Khural is in recess and to issue ordinances commencing military operations. The State Great Khural shall consider within 7 days the Presidential Decree declaring a state of emergency or a state of war and shall approve or disapprove it. If the State Great Khural does not make a decision on the matter, the Presidential Decree shall be void.
  • Be the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Mongolia.

The president may address messages to the State Great Khural and/or to the people. The President may at his/her own discretion attend sessions of the State Great Khural and report on and submit proposals concerning vital issues of domestic and foreign policies of the country.