Address by the President of Mongolia His Excellency Mr. Tsakhiagiin ELBEGDORJ at the Opening of the National Festivity Naadam

My dear fellow countrymen,
Esteemed participants of the Naadam,

I extend the warmest greetings for festive Naadam to my people, and wish a joyful celebration of fortune, bliss and vigor. Every Naadam has been splendid. This year’s Naadam is going to be even more splendid. The glorious anniversary of the Mongolian Statehood is occurring this year with auspiciously four two digits. We are celebrating solemnly the momentous 2222nd anniversary of the great history of the Mongol nation.

On the eve of the Mongol Naadam, when the entire Mongolia has attired herself in what is genuinely Mongolian, I swore in as the President of Mongolia for the second term. I am deeply grateful to the people of Mongolia for conferring upon me their profound trust and confidence. I shall serve the people of my country just like a son devotes his best to repay the care of his parents.

On this day of the start of the Mongol Naadam let us all share our success and achievements, take pride in our history, culture and traditions. May our horses be fast and light, our arrows - sharp and straight, and our wrestlers -strong and stout.

From this high rostrum where the State White Banner abodes, I declare hereby the supreme festivity of the Mongol people, the Naadam, open.

Enjoy the Naadam.

May the Eternal Blue Sky Grace the Mongol people forever.

July 11, 2013