Inaugural Address by Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, at the Ceremony of Presidential Swearing Into Office

At the Time of Mongolia…

Dear fellow citizens,
People of Mongolia,
Distinguished public officials,
Esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen,

At this hour of Mongol time we have gathered here to a solemn State ceremony and a great festivity of the Mongol people. A few moments ago I have sworn in as the President of the country for the second term. Under the Eternal Blue Sky of Mongolia, at the sound of warm ovation and hooray of my people, under the keen eyesight of the Lord Chinggis Khaan, in front of the Great White Banners, at this solemn session of the State Great Khural I took the oath of the Head of State of Mongolia, which I deem as a matter of high state decorum, of profound trust and of great responsibility.

I thank the Eternal Blue Sky. I thank the vigorous people of Mongolia. I thank my forefathers and the Great Lord Chinggis Khaan. I thank the Members of Parliament and the public officials.

I wholeheartedly thank the people for your vote of confidence conferred to me again. I thank our elders, women and youth for your committed and diligent work in the election process. I thank all organizations, parties, public movements and citizens for your active work in the election.

I thank all my fellow Mongolians abroad who have, exercising their citizens’ right, voted in the election. I especially thank the physically challenged citizens who have, for the first time, fully enjoyed their voter’s right and cast their votes. I thank all the public servants at all levels of the electoral administrative organization who have made it possible for the people to cast their votes justly.

I congratulate Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene and Natsagiin Udval who ran with me in the Presidential election, and I wish all the best in their future endeavors. I shall render important every good idea and program that were brought up during the election campaigning and shall translate them into reality. I shall justify the trust of all those people who supported me. I shall also work to earn the trust of those citizens who either didn’t vote for me or entertained a doubt.

Distinguished public officials,

The people of Mongolia have conferred to us a great trust and inspiration. We have no right to lose time. The people of Mongolia have just one interest. And the effort to uphold and realize this interest must be united.

Our people have to enjoy their rights and live a happy life. It is the time for Mongolia to consolidate our achievements and aspire a faster and more intense development. We can make Mongolia a source of only good and positive news internationally. And it is the sacred duty of every public official that all of this becomes a reality. A public servant should forsake own happiness and take up for the misfortunes of others. Before you think of what you reach for yourself, think of and serve to what your nation is to attain.

Twenty three years ago, I took off my army uniform and immersed in revolution on this square. The rights of the citizens of Mongolia shall be secured only then, when these rights reach the homes and the very selves of our people. Only then when every citizen of my country starts exercising his or her rights in real and guaranteed terms, shall every Mongolian family live a happy life, embodying that civil right, civic participation and engagement; and shall that revolution of great reconstruction and development achieve success. And only then will Mongolia emerge as a country of the rule of law respecting its citizens. This will be the guarantee of Mongolia’s independence, security and openness. As the President of the country I shall lead my people on the course to this noble cause.

My fellow citizens,

There are no elections in the coming two years. Each of the coming years shall be of a magnitude of a decade. Therefore, we decided to set broader goals and work more intensely and harder than ever before. We shall accomplish our goal to supply ourselves with environmentally friendly and affordable energy. Mongolia will have her own fuel to lit our own fireplace. We shall renew our old railways barely carrying its loads today. We shall build new railroads.

Every aimag shall be connected with the capital city with paved roads. We shall fully achieve our goal to supply housing to our citizens. The ger districts redevelopment shall entail great works of tremendous scale. We will build highways and subways in our capital city, and soum and provincial centers will be renewed; new towns and cities will be built in Mongolia. More and more new factories and plants will start operating. And our people’s participation in the creation of wealth will be secured and increased.

We shall address and resolve the pressing issues for every citizen in their full scale and complexity. The State shall become able to render every assistance to its citizens to enjoy happy life, from birth to old ages. The Mongolian State shall have focused and most optimal policies to support the children, mothers, youth and students, young families, our seniors and elders and all those who are in need of help. Social issues of the citizens working in public sector, army, military and law enforcement agencies shall be accorded due attention and address.

We shall support investments into education, health, local development, infrastructure, new technologies and enterprises with clear and stable policies. I shall prioritize and promote creative, constructive and efficient beginnings and reforms. Not divisions and separations, but cooperative efforts to create and build together shall be honored and embraced. I shall support the wealth creators with every possible means. This is not a promise. This is what we have to achieve, what we have to do. No one has a right to hold back this process. I shall always prioritize the common interests of the Mongolian people, the development interests of my country over any other interests and benefits of any group of people.

Dear friends,

I shall mobilize all my efforts to establish rule of law, justice, unity, stability and transparency in my country. I shall represent the interests of those few in the decision-making halls, and of those who are outside the venues where decisions are made. I shall especially attend my fellow citizens who are distressed and destitute. I shall support and help reflect your voice, your concerns and ideas in the state decisions and actions. I shall equally represent the citizens of Mongolia regardless of social standing, party and politics, origin and place of living.

I extend my deep gratitude to all the people who have congratulated me on my re-election. Mongolia shall continue her open and pro-active engagement and cooperation at the regional and international fora. We shall work to promote mutually beneficial and constructive decisions in bilateral relations with our neighbors in infrastructure, investment, trade, transit transport and other pending issues.

Mongolia shall continue her constructive cooperation with other countries and international organizations. I stand open to cooperate with responsible, transparent and law-obedient investors aligned with the development interests of Mongolia.

My fellow countrymen Mongolians, dear friends,

Today the two-million-nine-hundred-thousandth citizen of Mongolia is being born. Two million nine hundred thousand Chinghises shall meet the dawn of tomorrow. Blessed, Mongolians are growing many. We have a tradition to welcome our newborns. Those little girls and boys just born to the human world have every right to live in a country where the air is clean, the homes are serene, the society is just, the country is prosperous and the people are happy.

To raise our today’s newborns to be dignified citizens of Mongolia, their mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas, you and I have to accomplish what we aspire. Our footprints must be stainless so that we grace our children for their ride to continue on the path we started.

We all are blessed and fortunate people to live, work and create in the same span of time, and serve to one common cause. Let us deliver the load we carry to the destination intact. Let us surmount the challenges we encounter, take the best of existing opportunities and join our efforts to achieve prosperity and glory for Mongolia.

May my Mongolia dwell eternally.

Hooray, hooray, hooray.

July 10, 2013