Remarks by Mr. Puntsagiin TSAGAAN Chief of Staff of the President of Mongolia at the TarbosaurusBataar Return Ceremony

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished guests,
Honorable Ambassadors of Mongolia and the USA,
I am honored to be here today to represent my President in this ceremony celebrating the return of the TarbosaurusBataar skeleton to Mongolia.
I do heartily share the pride and rejoice of all the people,whose will and professionalism have made this legal odyssey of T-Bataar success.
On behalf of the people of Mongolia and the President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, I wish to extend our profound gratitude for your hard work and dedication. The T- Bataar case has not once again revealed, but enriched the true nature and spirit of the cooperation between the Mongolian and American peoples. It was the triumph of justice, shared values and professionalism.
Less than a year ago I came to New York along with Mongolian paleontological experts, when the T-Bataar skeleton auction was put on hold. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect that only a year later I’d be standing here taking Mongolia’s invaluable cultural heritage back to its rightful home.It is indeed a very proud and happy moment for me and for my colleagues gathered here today.
The T-Bataar case is a unique one in many respects. First of all, it involves an over-70-million-year-old paleontological heritage; it’s the first ever case of its kind in the history of diplomatic relations of our two nations, modestly speaking;
and most importantly, it has demonstrated vividly the fundamental values of American law – impartiality, efficacy and unwavering enforcement. The handling of the case was a valuable learning process for Mongolian professionals,including lawyers and law enforcement officers
This case sets a good example for the international community as a successful and resolute fight for and conservation of cultural heritage. It has proven that justice and rule of law are spoken the same language wherever they are sought and govern.
I am delighted to acknowledge the solid contributions of the American, Canadian and Mongolian paleontologists as well as lawyers, journalists, reporters, bloggers from different corners of the globalizing world – all of the people, who made this day possible. Thank you, Robert Painter, for successfully representing the President, and Mongolia on the case; Very special thanks to the US attorneys, judges and special agents, and all individuals, who have worked on the case, for your dedication and cooperation.
I would like to honor the U.S. judiciary as well as the successful cooperation of our two nations’ respective law enforcement agencies, and mark that America has once again shown to the world that it is a beacon of justice.
Our collective success has proven that united we can fight and win against the ills and evils on earth; that friendship helps build a just and secure world.
I have absolutely no doubt that with people like you all, my friends, as determined, as committed, as professional as you, our two countries – Mongolia and America are destined to aspire and win many more heights of cooperation and success.
Thank you, friends, and welcome home, T-Bataar.
Thank you,
God bless us.