The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Speech by Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, at the Opening Ceremony of Mongol Naadam National Festivity of Mongolia


My fellow Mongolians,

Dear guests, friends,

I convey to you my heartfelt greetings for centuries old Mongol Naadam Festivity.

The Mongol Naadam is a vivid embodiment of the history, traditions and the unique cultural heritage of the Mongolian people. It is the supreme jubilation and pride of my people who deeply cherish our sovereignty, independence and freedom.

On this auspicious day, nourished with sun and rain, we begin our great national festival Naadam, waited since the tomorrow of the last year’s Naadam by every Mongolian. I have no doubt that my people will observe the Naadam days, the days when we take the utmost pride in being the Mongols, strictly observing law and discipline, and that these festive days would leave us beautiful memories and new records of success and achievements for the lasting honor of the people.

Everywhere, where a Mongol heart beats, the Naadam spirit can be felt – the Naadam has come filling every Mongolian mind and heart with joy and pride for our history, culture and traditions.
The world-renowned Mongol Naadam Festivity is a celebration not only of the Mongolian people, but also a rejoice of our foreign guests and friends who have come to Mongolia for Naadam.

During the Mongol Naadam national festivity Mongols pay tribute to our centuries-, millennia-old history and the traditions of our statehood. We recall with pride and esteem the historic achievements of our national freedom movement, and people’s and democratic revolutions. Naadam is also a celebration of our achievements and records for the past one year. It is a venue for discussing the future plans, future actions and work.

From this supreme rostrum of the Mongol Naadam Festivity, guarded by the Great White Banner of the Mongol people, I welcome again and convey my sincere Naadam greetings to our dear elders, inspiring youth and children and to the entire Mongolian people along with my best wishes for fair, glorious and joyful celebrations and contests. Let my prosperous people triumph in strength, speed and vision.

Let us stand together hand in hand, soul to soul, Mongol to Mongol and aspire the heights of development and prosperity, boldly embracing our freedom, harmony and justice.
Abiding by the supreme traditions of statehood I declare open the Mongol Naadam Festivity.

May my Mongolia dwell eternally.