New Year address to the nation of Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia

My fellow citizens,
Allow me to extend my sincere greetings on this night on the eve of 2012. In a few moments, we shall bid farewell to 2012 and welcome the New Year 2013. The outgoing year of 2012 was special for the people of Mongolia.
In 2012, Mongolians took pride in their own history, celebrating the 850th birth anniversary of Chinggis Khan. The outgoing year of 2012 was the year of choice, where the new Parliament and Government were formed. The new heads of authorities of city, district, province and soums were appointed. Women’s political representation has increased significantly. Reforms, innovations and creations have started.
In 2012, Mongolia has begun implementing the reform of social care and making big progress towards creating civil society and direct democracy. The nationwide movement to grant people the human rights has been launched. Civic participation and direct democracy is the future of our society.
The year of 2012 has reminded every Mongolians to be more responsible and creative. Mongolian Government is valued by the international stock market and raised money from international bond sale.
In 2012, Mongolia has cut the first ceremonial ribbon of giant creation of the century, beginning the commercial production of the Oyu Tolgoi project. Mongolians have made one more step towards creation.
In 2012, Mongolia has made remarkable progress on legal reform, justice and accountability. Laws have been passed to promote judicial independence by granting life tenure or long tenure for judges. State and legislative power started to serve the people’s interest, not the authorities. The great opportunities have come to those who create and work hard.
In 2012, our athletes have reinforced their achievements during the Summer Olympic Games in London - N.Tuvshinbayar became the first Mongolian athlete to win two Olympic medals. Our representatives from culture and arts have made enormous achievements in many countries. Tyrannosaurus Bataar skeleton which smuggled from Mongolia many years ago, will be returned home with other dinosaur fossils. Mongolia has demonstrated its ability to deal with own historical and cultural heritages.
Dear friends,
In 2012, our country’s reputation in the world increased. United Nations Security Council signed declaration which finally recognizes Mongolia as nuclear arms-free zone status. Mongolia has become the participating state of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Mongolia successfully chaired the Community of Democracies and served as a positive role model for other countries in democracy, human rights and rule of law. Mongolia improved its ranking on the list of most corrupt countries and became the state that reduced corruption most significantly in a short period. In the future, Mongolia should be the country that managed to get rid of corruption, established the rule of law and made poverty history.
We are proud to create our own history. In a few moments we will welcome the New Year to make our history. Mongolia is to celebrate the 2222nd anniversary of Khunnu Empire. I am confident that the coming year 2013 shall be another auspicious year for Mongolia.
I do hope and believe that the coming 2013 will be a year of progress and advancement. I wish everywhere new creation and everyone happiness and prosperity. I would like to say “thank you” to our elders. We will continue to expand what they have created. Let us love our children more and more. I convey my hearty greetings to our respectful elders, joyful youngsters, to all fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters.
I appreciate the officers on duty, every single person on an official service at the moment. I wish a happy New Year to all Mongolians residing overseas who work and study. I convey my heartfelt greetings and wish a happy New Year to our foreign friends and colleagues, who live and work in Mongolia representing their countries and organizations.
My fellow countrymen Mongolians,
May the 2013 be a healthy, happy, fulfilling and prosperous New Year for you. Let the year be a propitious year for Mongolian people. I toast this glass of milk for health and happiness, success and prosperity of Mongolia.
May my Mongolia dwell eternally. Happy New year.