I would like to appreciate the people who come to this lecture. The lecture is broadcasted live by Mongolian National Broadcaster, Eagle TV and Education TV.
The full version of the lecture will be placed on the websites and The professors will also deliver lecture in the Institute for Strategic Studies for five days.
We must give great importance to these professor’s words and the ideas. I would like to tell a story. I have sent an invitation to the world famous scientist Jeffrey Sachs to visit Mongolia and give lecture. This person has visited Mongolia in 1990 and now when he delivers lecture in Harvard he often remembers about Mongolia. He once said “When I was in Mongolia there were only two phone lines were available to make international call. One was in the Embassy of the Soviet Union and the other in Central Committee of the Communist Party. I had to go the Central Committee to make phone call to the United States”.
I don’t know your thoughts, but I convinced that the scientists could make more good things to the people than the Government or the President. Therefore we must understand the meaning of their lecture. Some people think “These clever professors giving lecture on theories that is not related to Mongolia. The life in Mongolia is different”. We used to think like that but eventually we understand that the scientists were right. Because their arguments are based on serious scientific researches and studies. Some people say “Our situation is different, so this issue is resolved in a different way”. But I’m trying to say that the words come true what these people said.
The 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the United States falls this year of 2012 and this lecture was organized in the frame of this event. Mongolia is Chairing the Community of Democracies which is one of the greatest democratic movements. There are the initiatives “Let us spread the education for democracy, form worldwide movement against corruption and support civil society”. This makes the event more significant.
Larry Diamond is a well known scientist and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and Francis Fukuyama and Stephen Krasner work with him on the research. They are the experts who committed to researching current democracy, development and rule of law.
We must strengthen our democracy as we Chair the Community of Democracies. Mongolia is standing on the edge of prosperity and poverty. But we are very close to the failure. Recently the inflation rose to 13 percent in Kongo. But Mongolia’s inflation reached 15 percent. The average life expectancy in Angola is 50 years and it was 68 years in Mongolia. Accordingly we have come close to failure. People run away from danger when they noticed it.
I hope that the Mongolians would choose the right way. Francis Fukuyama once said “The freedom falls and rises. But there is new source of wealth in a country with freedom”. There is no need to follow the others. There are wide opportunities to create new wealth in a free country.
Stephen Krasner said “Bind your hands”. Any State more interested in money than the country. It is said that the United States national dept has reached over 14 trillion dollars. How much dept do we have? What challenges do we facing? The professors instructed us to establish a foundation funded by the mineral industry with the Asian Development Bank. Any Government defends its spending but eventually things go wrong.
Good governance, independent judiciary and rule of law exist as a political touchstone. Every State faces dilemma between democracy and dictatorship. The example of the good dictatorship is Singapore and its statesman Lee Kuan Yew. You know that there are number of examples of bad dictators. But there is no way of guaranteeing the continuing supply of good dictators. Therefore we need to ensure the rule of law.
I have submitted to the Parliament 16 different law amendments. One day I would have to step down as President. But the rule of law and the justice must be established.
The people will judge you by the legacy that you leave not the current success. We must leave great legacy, good system, political mechanism, freedom and prosperity. We must move forward with these essential missions.
The State should follow the science and research. Some day Mongolian theorists would deliver lecture and the President, Government and the Members of Parliament will listen to it. It must be supported by the State. This is the road to development.
There was a true meaning behind every word that Larry Diamond said. Once again I would like to remind of one thing. We consider our country democratic and free. But everything would be nonsense if the rule of law cannot exist.
The professors mentioned about the quality of the State. The quality of the State is in the fair rule of law and the social welfare. The quality of the State is good governance in public service. As a conclusion I would like to say that we need to move forward with these three missions. Thanks for the professors.