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First Joint Meeting оf the Economic Committee Was Held

In the frame of Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsahia’s visit in Germany, First Joint Meeting of Economic Committee, where work team of Mongolian and German governments and enterprises of private sectors for implementing discussion about “Cooperation in the mineral, industrial and technology sectors” between Governments that was signed in October, 2011 during Angela Merkel’s visit, was successfully organized in the Ministry of economy and technology in Germany.
E.Schultz, head of the German part of the economic committee between Mongolia and Germany and Enebish.E head of Mongolian part of the committee conducted this economic committee meeting. Also representatives of leading enterprises in geology and mining sector of Mongolia and Germany participated in this conference. They interchanged their opinions about cooperation projects and some companies made agreement and memorandum for cooperation between two parties, including:
1. Bat-Erdene.J State Secretary of Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development from Mongolia part and M.Napel, Vice president for development and trade of Ferrostaal company from Germany part signed in the memorandum on implementation of Taishir Altai water supply project.
2. MCS holding company and Petrovis company from Mongolia and Lurgi company from Germany signed in memorandum on supplying equipments of coal liquidizing based on Fisher-Tropsch.
3. Tsetsen’s Mining and Energy company from Mongolia and Lurgi and GTLF1 companies from Germany signed in agreement of cooperation for equipments of coal liquidizing based on GTLF1 technology.
4.MCS holding and Petrovis companies from Mongolia and Siemens company from Germany signed in memorandum on supply of aerating technology for the industry of coal liquidizing.