The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Speech of The President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj at the Bundestag during His Official Visit to Federal Republic of Germany

What a wonderful day today!

I would like to deliver the heartfelt greetings from Mongolian people to German people for our joint effort to bring this special day. We waited for this day quite long. You are wonderful people, who could show the world the possibilities of defeating repression, gaining freedom peacefully and creating prosperity together. And we are delighted to become a part of that integrity.
Mongolians caused some nations to build long walls as defense. And we also managed to tear down the wall of Communism in the year of white horse of 1990 just like German people. Now we are helping other nations to gain freedom, to get rid of the wall of exploitation and bureaucracy. Mongolia is today leading the Community of the Democracies.
I truly believe in freedom for each and every individual. But building a freedom driven society is not easy task. Great Khan Chinghis said: “It is easy to occupy a half of the world for horse riding warriors, but it is tough to set up the State after dismounting your horses”. Changing the existing political system, which was one of the two main socialist political forces of the world, was tough and risky, but Mongolians could do it. Now we still facing difficulties and challenges in the effort and endurance of building a new, democratic, equal and humane society.
About 7 thousand kilometers from here, at the same time with Monday parades in Leipzig, the democratic movement in Mongolia at the end of brutal cold winter of 1989 brought a wonderful success in our country. Mongolians managed to reach the victory of Democratic revolution to change the old regime and start the new era without a single scratch on one’s face. We chose a path of whole reform in politics and economics. This was not easy path to follow, and not all Asian countries could choose this path. Today, Mongolia could create the most liberal social system in the vast area from the East end of Europe to the Japan sea for the last 20 years.
Germany and German people were the first to help us to reach this tough goal in early 1990s. That time we lacked with knowledge of democracy and open society. We hardly could tell the right from the left, and Conrad Aidenaur taught us the alphabet of Democracy, Fredrich Ebert helped us set up civil organizations and Hans Zeidel gave a helping hand in creating a new constitution and setting a reform of legislation and court system. All Mongolians are familiar with the funds and organizations named after these good German Samaritans , that still functions great deal in Mongolia.
Federal Republic of Germany is one of the two countries that support us and helped financially. The German Government was the one of the initiators who started a Charity Foundation for Mongolia. Your support was vital for a “white foul”, who favors liberty, to stand up in the middle of “gigantic elephants”. Germany put the biggest investment in building an open society with democratic, civil and constitutional principles and that is considered the greatest support for our nation’s new choice. Mongolians never forget to return the favor.
I want to express my gratitude to the Government, all organizations and public of Germany, who were long time supporters and are still supporting and cooperating with us to reach our goal, behalf of Mongolian Government and Mongolian people. Thank you, The Parliament members, the Vice President of Bundestag, Mr. Osvald and Dear Bundestag members for giving me a chance to speak from this Great Podium of Bundestag. I feel fortunate to meet all of you and sharing my words behalf of my people in this historical palace of Reighstag.

My Dear Friends,
Relationship between Mongolia and Germany has been dated from BC according to historians. History tells us that our ancestors- Hunnu people used to come to Europe and communicate with German people. The first news about The great Mongolian Empire was spread by the book “Dialogus Miraculorum” of Caesarius, a priest in Haisterbah Church near Rein, which was written in Latin, in 1222 between Europeans. 20 years later Mongolians met Germans in Legnez, Silezia.
By the historical documents some German miners had been working in Metal Ore mining near Harhorum and today Mongolian and German joint team is working on archeological excavation of Harhorum city and Orkhon valley. They are deepening ancient historical imprints of Mongolia under the auspices of the Mongolian and German Presidents.
Ms.A.Merkel , the Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany paid a visit to Mongolia first time in October, 2011 and that plays important role in upgrading our relationship and we could solve many issues during that visitation. We set up a strategic partnership and signed the contracts on exploring and producing mineral deposits and industrial and technological cooperations.
That time issues of an economic crisis were imminent in Europe. During the visit of the Chancellor, which was right in timing and had a high expectations, I asked Ms.Merkel “What can we do to help you?” and she answered “Cooperate”. Now we are here to cooperate with you, my friends.

One news coming out from Mongolian grassland has been a surprise for the world. Mongolian economy is considered to be the fastest growing and by the experts’ opinion it will last for quite long time. Now it is the most prominent objective for Mongolia to utilize this imminent growth for the country’s prosperity, advancement in social wellbeing and justice and equality in our open society.
We want to produce value-added products. What we want is not to serve in the frame of the interest of any nation. We want highly developed technology, which is eco-friendly. Cooperating with Germany at the very interest of Mongolian people is the harmony like a lock and key set.
Mongolia today is 100 percent dependent on oil products. But we are at the first place on coal resource volume in the world. I am confident that the multitrillion-euro project of building a plant for producing liquid fuel from coal will advance in process as a result of this visit. Also discussions and forums related to rare mineral deposits are run actively between interested parties. The “Gobitec”, solar and wind renewable energy project in Gobi is attracting more experts and business entities.
Infrastructure projects, specially increasing capacity of the Railroad system connecting Asia and Europe are very prominent today. Some of possible predicaments in sea ports and canals have been requiring toconsider this option more seriously. High technology and technical training is our core interest to cooperate with Germany since we have no caution towards to Germany, and German standard, investment and liability are suited to our interest. We call this type of mutual cooperation as a Third neighbor policy.

Dear Respectable Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mongolians say “Have 100 friends rather than 100 tugriks”. I have met many policymakers and business people during this visit. Among them was The President Joachim Gauck and I am very grateful to get acquainted with him.
Mongolians are very proud of you that German people could get united under a peaceful revolution and thriving under a single objective, as well as contributing international development greatly. Great success of your Country on this unification plays as a role model for many countries. The President Gauck has been representing this role model and I am so thankful to have this opportunity to visit Germany by his official invitation. I see this as a respect of german people toward to the significant choice of Mongolians for a democratic, free, open society and their successful endeavor.
Last year Mongolians celebrated 2220 year of the Mongol State and 100 year of the Independence. Early 20th century Baron von Ungern-Schteinberg, who was german in origin and served for the Russian Tsari Army, fought for our independence with Mongolian revolutionalists. He earned the highest prize from the Mongolian last King for his efforts in enthroning Mongolian King back to his title.
At that crucial time of our history a numeg of Mongolian young people were sent to Germany to obtain higher education. They became leading intellectual force of the newly awakened country in the Asian vast land. This tradition continued up to this day and over 30 thousand students got their higher education in German colleges. Mongolia leads world countries by its german speaking citizens and this is a proof of long lasting realationship of the two countries. To keep this tradition alive we are working on building Mongolian and German joint Technical college in Ulaanbaatar.
Our partnership is not only limited by the civil endeavours, it also expands in military and defence sectors. Mongolians respect their military men in active service behalf of the country. Last 20 years over 6 thousand soldiers and officers have been in active duty in 14 different Peacekeeping activities in the conflict regions. Mongolia is one of the 20 leading countries that participate in Peacekeeping mission of the United Nations.
Our young boys and girls in military uniforms are still serving in active duty with German Bundesvehr troops in the Northern Afganistan. In that critical,life and death situation our Mongolian and German soldiers are in close communication to each other by doing their duty on the guard posts outside of the unit. That is the highest faith we are having towards to each other.

Dear friends,
Our two countries found the same principle and common interest thanks to our longlasting relationship and maintained to cooperate effectively and stand up to our objectives. Common interest means what our troops are fighting for in peacekeeping mission. Common interest is joint efforts and pursuit of our people to create a free, equal and open society. And also our policies in the international level that support each others initiatives and endeavours prove our common interest. Due to this common values we want to continue our partnership and deepen further cooperation into strategical allies.
I know our people of the two countries have not reached to these common values in an easy way. I do not believe in concept of ’’little country or little man”. Only there is a man without freedom, an oppressed nation. And we have to help them to gain their freedom. We must continue our efforts until to free a last man on the Earth. It is a wrong concept that free man do not comprehend the hardship of a man under oppression. Instead, understanding them and helping them are greater deed of free nations.
I take freedom as an openness without a fear of own shadow. In freedom a person is able to improve his weakness and gain knowledge to advance in life. As being born a free man, every person has a right to have freedom and any societal structure should not restrain that human right. I believe that it was my humanitarian duty to be the first President of Mongolia to declare the refusal from Death penalty. I see the foremost priority of the humane, legitimate State is a respectful approach to its citizens and a refusal of taking one’s life. This is a significant part of duty of the State.

Today, the relation between the State and public has to be taken into a new consideration. The reason of the weakening of this relation is not that citizens lost their trust in the State. Instead, the more information they get the more they demand and the State only failed to answer them. Nowadays, the State loses its power not by outside force or armed invasion but from inside by corrupted officials and their illegal actions.
Citizens of any countries, rich or poor, hate the State corruption and injustice. Society, where the State previledge got out of limit, corruption went deep and citizens’ rights and participation got neglected, does not have prosperity and wellbeing. There people demand more, they request justice and equality.
This shows that the State must consider allowing its citizens have more rights and doing reform in its legal system and the way it is serving the public. Working for the State is not easy, it means sacrificing your own life for the greater good of public. It is about justice, and it will be measured by the action not the words, and it requires execution. The State of any countries has a duty to serve its citizens common interest.
It is not possible to solve social issues without new value, new generation and citizens’participations. Mongolia initiated the objectives to put an end to corruptions, encourage the democracy education and increase citizens’ participations while leading the Community of Democracies and working to implement these initiatives. Mongolia is striving to be an example of an open governance with justice within the region. We concerned greatly that the State deep in corruption can not handle economic growth and wealth.
I believe that future of Mongolia is in the hands of Mongolians. And it will be determined by Mongolians, not authorities and we chose this. A country, where citizens’ common interest becomes the core principle of the policy and fair legislation system serves equally, can have a bright future. For that future we choose our German friends as a trustworthy ally with mutual respect and support. I am confident this friendship lasts long and stable in the future.
Thank you for your attention.