The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


16 October 2009 Congratulatory Remarks by the President of Mongolia to Chinggis Khan Gala, Museum Exhibition and the delegates and participants of Khuraldai of Mongolians in North America, Denver, Colorado

Dear friends,
My fellow Mongolians,

With this video-message, sent across thousand miles of mountains and oceans, please accept my heartfelt greetings and congratulations for holding the first Khuraldai in North America. I do hope your Khuraldai will evolve as one of the traditional cultural events to add to greater understanding and building up knowledge about Mongolia in North America.

I am truly delighted to learn that the Chinghis Khan exhibit is opening in Denver tonight at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This is an important presentation of Chinggis Khan’s accomplishments, and on Mongolia at large. I earnestly thank the Museum, its President George Sparks and exhibit producer Don Lessem for the wonderful work done.

Denver has always been a leader in Mongolian programs, services, investments and support by forging together multiple local, national, and Mongolian groups. I want to particularly thank the organizers for this weekend’s events there in Colorado: The Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities Committee of Denver Sister Cities International, Jim Wagenlander our Honorary Consul of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Community Association of Colorado and its President Batbayar.

I am also glad that Ambassador Bekhbat and other Mongolian officials are there to represent Mongolia at the Khuraldai, Exhibition and the Gala. Speaking of which, I have heard that your after party is going to have a reggae theme. I think I know one of the reasons why. You all may not know, but my good friend Jim and I spent one “Spring time in the Rockies” driving around Vail for a few days in our SUV with its sun roof open listening to Bob Marley. As a result, I became a big fan of the music and the spirit of Colorado. So I hope tonight you will all be jammin’ to the music.


Although my schedule didn’t allow me to share your joy and pride in person, I am profoundly happy to learn of all the constructive initiatives and projects you are undertaking together - Americans and Mongolians in America – hand in hand, and heart to heart. I absolutely have no doubts that Denver, guided by creative leadership of the Mongolian Community Association of Colorado, our years-long, time-tested friends shall continue to strengthen and advance Mongolian programs, which is indeed a truly noble mission.

Once again, I convey my sincere greetings and best wishes, dear friends.

President of Mongolia Tsakhia Elbegdorj