The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


President Greets the Delegates to the 3rd World Forum for Democratization in Asia

Distinguished guests and fellow democrats,

On behalf of the people of Mongolia I convey my warmest greetings to those gathered here in Seoul for the Third World Forum for Democratization in Asia to invigorate the cause of democracy.

We also honor the memory of Nobel Laureate Kim Dae Jung whose ultimate triumph is a tribute to the Korean people and their passionate quest for freedom. I convey the deepest condolences from the Mongolian people for the loss of Asia’s Champion of Democracy, Kim Dae Jung.

I wish to acknowledge the notable progress democracy has achieved in recent decades here in Asia. We are inspired by the world’s largest democracy, India, the newest, Bhutan, as well as young and thriving democracies like South Korea, and mature democracies like Japan and the Philippines.

I also wish to express my deepest admiration for those working to bring political freedom to non-democratic regimes and sustaining it in new democracies. From my own experience, I know such efforts are never easy.

We are all aware that further democratization in Asia faces daunting challenges. It is our duty as democrats and freedom loving people to encourage, sustain and protect those who champion democracy and those who endeavor to strengthen democratic institutions everywhere on this great continent.

This year, Mongolia celebrates the 20th anniversary of our peaceful revolution that lead to simultaneous economic and political transitions to a market economy and democracy. There were skeptics who held that simultaneous political and economic transitions were not possible for an Asian country. But by embracing universal human rights and political and economic freedom, Mongolians proved them wrong.

When Mongolia’s totalitarian regime fell in 1990, our people demonstrated that the dream of freedom was always in their hearts, and that being free was an integral part of our nature.
Freedom has its undeniable beauty. When people are free, society prospers in myriad creative and humane ways that no totalitarian planner can conjure. Free people also make their society responsible. Freedom and responsibility are two sides of a coin. Justice and the rule of law prevail only in societies where people are free.

I believe that democracy will guarantee Asia’s peaceful and prosperous future. Having lived under, and fought against tyranny, I can assure you that no dictatorship, no military regime, no authoritarian government can stand against the collective will of a people determined to be free. We proved it in Mongolia.

As a longtime fighter for freedom, I want to encourage you to continue your call for greater openness and freedom throughout the Asia and the world. I look forward to the historic role this forum will play in assuring a democratic future for all peoples of Asia. Again, I wish you all the best in your lifetime dedication and noble cause to make this world free and prosperous place to live.