The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Remarks of Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia at the Reception in Honor of Lee Myung-bak, President of the Republic of Korea

Mr. President,
Madame First Lady,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the people of Mongolia, myself and my spouse, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you Mr. President and Madame First Lady for accepting my invitation and paying state visit to Mongolia. Mongolians know you well and your present visit to Mongolia and our talks have opened a new page in the history of the bilateral relations.

Our two countries and our people have had ties and relations for hundreds of years. I am delighted to note that the bilateral cooperation have been expanding and developing in all sectors since Mongolia and the Republic of Korea established diplomatic relations in 1990.

Today we held very fruitful talks mutually understanding and respecting each other in a friendly and sincere atmosphere. We made joint statement of Mongolia and the Republic of Korea on the result of your visit, declared to develop the bilateral relations and cooperation on the principle of “Comprehensive Partnership,” established the medium term cooperation program of Mongolia and the Republic of Korea which reflected the priorities of cooperation and these are becoming a historically significant event.

There are possibilities and prospect to develop mutually beneficial cooperation combining Mongolia’s natural resources and raw material reserves with investment and technology of the Republic of Korea, and we consider that it is required to realize the matters. I do not doubt that the two countries will successfully cooperate in this direction.

Honorable Guests,

Mongolians have proverb “neighbors have same minds” and Koreans have proverb “neighbors are like cousins.” As these proverbs, our two countries are partners those locate in Northeast Asia, have traditional historic relations, respect common values of democracy and a market economy, and have same aspiration in these matters.

Mongolia has been chairing the Community of Democracies for two years since last July. The chairmanship came to Asia again after ten years and our country will make all efforts to fulfill this respectable duty with the support and assistance of international community. I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. President for your support to my suggested Asian Initiative Partnership for Democracy. I am sure that Mongolian and Korean sides will fruitfully cooperate to involve other Asian countries in the initiative.

The democratic revolution made by Mongolians is a success of not only a country but of common values. Mongolians proved by its historic choice that human rights, freedom, and dignity are not only privileges of developed rich countries but also inherent rights of everybody in every country. Moreover, Mongolians showed that peaceful revolutionary transition could be made in all sectors. There is an understanding that simultaneous political and economic transition is not the way of an Asian country. This kind of old conclusion was broken by our new choice. Mongolia is a small country by its population and development, nonetheless Mongolian democracy and open policy of 20 years have been making our country a big example.

We proudly see and congratulate the Republic of Korea for its fast development in a short period of time, the creation of the Wonders of Han River, and its reaffirmation of reaching and being ranked as one of developed countries and further development. We congratulate you Mr. President for your great contribution of your policy and activities to deepening democracy, developing economy and the international reputation of the Republic of Korea is increasing more.

I would like to note that the sustainable development of the Republic of Korea and peace on Korean peninsula is one of the major factors of strengthening peace and security in Northeast Asia and an important condition to expanding and developing regional cooperation.

I sincerely welcome you Mr. President, Madame First Lady and honorable guests of the Republic of Korea to Mongolia.