The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Speech of Tsakhia Elbegdorj, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Force and President of Mongolia at the Opening Ceremony of the “Khaan Quest - 2011” Peacekeeping Training


Generals, Officers and Lieutenants;

Honorable guest participants in “Khaan Quest-2011” international military training exercise to support peace;

Soldiers and privates who have lined up here today to participate in the sixth annual “Khaan Quest - 2011” international military training exercise,

My sincere greetings to you and I wish you the best for your honorable global peacekeeping operations.

The government and the people of Mongolia consider that the “Khaan Quest-2011” international peace supporting military training exercise—organized within the peace respecting foreign policy of Mongolia jointly by the Mongolian Armed Forces, the United States Pacific Command and the Global Peace Initiative—makes a substantial contribution to expanding the U.N. blue helmets, increasing the peace support capacity of the participating countries and ensuring safety and mutual trust among the Armed Forces of the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, I would like to bring to light that the Mongolian Armed Forces have acquired the experience to hold the military training exercise in our own land.

The successful participation of the Mongolian Armed Forces in the United Nations peacekeeping operations and the professional skills and disciplines of the personnel of the Mongolian Armed Forces have been internationally praised as a result of the contribution, participation, roles, efforts of Mongolian peacekeepers for global peacekeeping.

As the President of Mongolia, I am profoundly pleased that the quality, scope and significance of the exercise of the personnel of the Armed Forces of the countries participating in the Khaan Quest have been improving from year to year and the reputation of the Khaan Quest military training exercise has become regionally well-known.

Henceforth, I wish honorable goals of every peace supporting U.N. blue helmet is to acquire the military knowledge and ability; have high physical, ethical and psychological preparation; exchange their experiences and moral gained in various conditions in different corners of the world; and be ready for dangers.

This year’s exercise is unique because Mongolia is commemorating numerous historical anniversaries and the participation of the personnel of the Mongolian Armed Forces in the U.N. peacekeeping operations is increasing more and more.

Welcome to Mongolia - the country of people those have kept our state tradition, code of state conduct, abundant heritage and unique nomadic culture. We Mongolians are confident that you will study a lot and make contributions to strengthening friendship among nations.

Thank you again to the participants of the “Khaan Quest-2011” international military exercise to support peace. I wish you happiness, well-being and all the best.