The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Greetings from the President of Mongolia, Elbegdorj Tsakhia To the Participants of the Opening of the “Water Year” Event

Mongolians have a long standing tradition of nurturing and protecting their land, water, plants and the animals within, and have legalized the proper utilization of the nature that surrounds us through the laws we have followed for hundreds of years. Water is the basis for life. We compare water with a precious gem and respect it tremendously. We as a nation protect water by law, just as the humankind respected and lived where there is water.
At present, due to the increased occurrence of natural disasters, water and air pollution has been increasing in the recent past and present, which resulted in a decrease in the world’s water supply. Mongolian as well as international scientists and
There’s a tendency that water will become a strategically important resource for many countries in the near future. Therefore, properly utilizing as well as protecting our water supply and keeping its ecological balance is an important priority of the Mongolian government.
In our planet earth, even though thousands of matters and minerals exist, water is not a mere valueless matter, but it’s the life force for all things living.
As you may well know last year the Parliament approved the renewal of the “National Security Concept”, within the framework of ensuring environmental safety, the prevention methods of water shortage were included in the concept.
Henceforth, it’s important to make sure that we decrease our use of groundwater by increasing the production of clean water that we can produce; to ensure water supply and environmental safety of the gobi region; to take rivers, salt-free lakes and other clean water under the protection of the state; to increase the value of water in people’s mindset; to refrain from utilizing surface water in hydropower plants; as well as to introduce a new technology for recycling contaminated water.
In order to resolve these issues, as stated in the Article 17.2 of the Constitution of Mongolia, “protecting the environment is every citizen’s duty”, social organizations and citizens ought to actively participate in the task and government should also listen to the people’s ideas and support them.
We must implement a policy for the water utilizing entities to protect it, while contaminating entities to compensate for the environmental damage caused. Moreover, we as a country, should increase out efforts to protect rivers, springs, groundwater and lakes, and the government should increase the monitoring of protection. That way we can make environmental protection a habit among all of us. Thus, I appeal to the citizens of Mongolia to join efforts in keeping our water clean for the future of our generation and the sustainability of our country’s development.
May all goods prosper!