The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Greeting of the President of Mongolia

For the participants of 30th Anniversary Celebration of the first joint space program of
Mongolia and USSR

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the Space heroes, scientists and academics, and participants of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of “Interkosmos,” the first joint space program of Mongolia and USSR
Joint space program executed by orbital complexes “Salyut-6”-“Soyuz T-4”-“Soyuz-39” was the most prominent display of cooperation between Mongolia and Russia, countries with traditionally friendly and good neighborly relations, marking a new page in the development of science.
Three decades ago, Mongolia proudly became the 10th country to send her astronaut to space, 20th country to successfully test cosmic equipments, and a Mongolian became the 101th astronaut to travel to space.

I would like to stress that the participation of a Mongolian as an astronaut and as a researcher in this project should be viewed as not only a momentum for Mongolia, but also as a significant contribution to the world science, with over 25 experiments in astrophysics, technology, medical biology, and observation of earth from outer space.

Today, the continued scientific cooperation has indeed benefited from the results of above projects, with remarkable progress in the fields of astro-geodesy, geoinformatics, transmission, capturing and development of space data. I would like to applaud private and public research organizations for their achievements in these fields.

As a Head of the State, I am confident that the scholars and scientists of Mongolia will expand the horizon of their research in fundamental and applied sciences, and contribute to the development and prosperity of our nation. Furthermore, I trust for the exemplary leadership of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in this great deed.
May the advancements of science and study flourish in the future.