The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Astronauts of Joint Crew Members Awarded

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of a Mongolian astronaut’s flight to the space, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia made a decree to award Russian members of the cosmonaut’s crew with state awards.

The President of Mongolia presented the Orders of the Red Banner for Military Deeds to cosmonaut major general Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov, cosmonaut Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko, crew chief of Soyuz T4 and cosmonaut Vladimir Vasiliyevich Kovalyonok and cosmonaut Vladimir Afanasiyevich Lyakhov those are citizens of the Russian Federation for their heroic deeds of successful implementation of Mongolia-Soviet joint flight to the space and congratulated them.

President Elbegdorj said “We are delighted that the whole crew of Mongolia-Soviet joint space flight came here. By the flight of the Mongolian astronaut to the space, our astronaut became the 101st astronaut of the world and Mongolia’s first cosmonaut who flew to the space.

Mongolia became the 10th country that sent its representative to the space and the 20th country that made experiment in space by the space flight. Our two countries’ cooperation was on the battlefield during the World War II and other wars, on labor field during peacetime and in the spacecraft.

Mongolians will remind these cooperation from generation to generation. Yesterday astronaut Maidarjav Ganzorig was awarded with the state award Labor Hero of Mongolia. Congratulations Mongolian cosmonauts Jugderdemid Gurragchaa and Maidarjav Ganzorig and you all who are the members of the joint crew. By Mr.Ganzorig being awarded the state award of Labor Hero, you all have become Mongolia’s state recognized heroes. Have a wonderful time in Mongolia.”

On behalf of the awardees cosmonaut Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov expressed appreciation to President Elbegdorj for inviting the crew’s Russian members to Mongolia. Mr. Dzhanibekov said “We frequently try to keep in touch with our friends those were trained together for the space flight. Our friend Gurragchaa became a public political figure. We are very much delighted as if we all were awarded when our friend Ganzorig was awarded with the state award for his research work. Today is the anniversary of our space flight together. We did not expect any award. Nonetheless you awarded us and paid lots of attention to us. We are delighted for these.
Thank you Mr. President for supporting the cooperation of our two countries in scientific field. We heard that you Mr.President dived to the bottom of Lake Baikal and became a diver. When are you becoming an astronaut. We are ready to fly to the space for the second time. We will make efforts to strengthen the relations and friendship of Mongolia and the Russian Federation in all fields.”

Astronaut Gurragchaa expressed his appreciation to the President of Mongolia for receiving his hard working friends and highlighted that Mongolian government paid great attention to the 30th anniversary of the Mongolian’s flight to the space and organized various activities of its celebration. In addition he presented a coin depicting astronauts that has been issued by Mongolbank on the occasion of the anniversary.

During this meeting Victor V. Samoilenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Mongolia presented the Russian Federation’s State Jubilee Medal for the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 sent by Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation to President Elbegdorj.