The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Japanese Ambassador Reads Appreciation Letter of His Government to President of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia received Takuo Kidokoro, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Mongolia. To the President of Mongolia Ambassador Kidokoro read aloud the letter of the Foreign Minister of Japan appreciating Mongolia for assisting Japan in relation to tsunami and earthquakes hitting Japan. The letter said “We sincerely appreciate Mongolia for immediate sending of emergency rescue team, monetary and material assistances to Japan in relation to the strong earthquake in the northeastern part of Japan.

The Government of Japan together with regional citizens and the people of Japan is striving to overcome this difficult time, protect foreign and Japanese citizens those were devastated by the natural disaster and rebuild lost properties. In addition, not to increase the consequences of the accidents at the Fukushima Number 1 nuclear power plant we are working with all our efforts. Japan will transparently communicate and give appropriate information to Mongolia and international community.

Mongolia has proverb “When someone suffers, quality of friends is revealed.” This time the activities of Mongolia’s rescue team and assistances such as warm blankets are generous heartfelt assistance of real friends for not only the citizens of Miyagi but also the people of Japan those are trying to overcome the difficult situation. Taking this opportunity, we are expressing our appreciation to the people of Mongolia once more. The Government of Japan.”

In return President Elbegdorj said “Thank you very much Mr. Ambassador for conveying in person the official appreciation of the Government of Japan to the Government and the people of Mongolia. I would like to say again that during the devastating natural disasters that hit Japan, the people of Mongolia have been together with the people of Japan in our thoughts and minds all the time.

On behalf of the people of Mongolia I would like to express deep condolences again to His Imperial Majesty the King of Japan, His Imperial Family, and the Government and the people of Japan for losing the lives of thousands of people, the disappearances of thousands of people and the losses of properties. We the people of Mongolia are together with you in our thoughts. Global community is very much proud of and acclaim the patience, high ethics, and organizational skills of the people of Japan those are working to overcome the consequences of the natural disaster.

Moreover, we acclaim and are proud of the skillful activities of Japanese Government led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan that is managing the actions to overcome the consequences of the natural disaster. We see the progress every morning and we are together with you. We are confident that with the help, support and collaboration of good hearted international people, the people of Japan can successfully overcome this natural disaster’s consequences and can rebuild everything they lost.

Taking this opportunity, on behalf of Mongolian government I would like to express appreciation to the citizens, government and nongovernment organizations those timely and intensively worked to assist and donate to the people of Japan to share and relieve their grief.

Help and support of Mongolian people will always be there for the people of Japan for rebuilding Japanese economy. Mongolian government is ready to study attentively any proposal of the Government and people of Japan and to cooperate.”

Ambassador Kidokoro said “I would like to express our sincere gratitude that at the initiation of the President of Mongolia, the people and Government of Japan are receiving great support and assistance from Mongolia.”