The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


I Wish a Healthy, Happy and Auspicious Year to my People

President Elbegdorj’s New Year Greetings To the Mongolian People

My fellow citizens,
I heartily greet you on this joyful night on the eve of 2011. In a few moments we will bid farewell to 2010. The pathway left by 2010 is fresh in our minds and hearts. This was a year of the 20th anniversary of the democratic revolution, the new choice of the Mongolian people. The success of the past years is indeed a common asset, created by the Mongolian people collectively. We are bidding good-bye to another year which further consolidated Mongolia’s integrity in the world.

In 2010, many Mongolians have resonated worldwide the good name and fame of Mongolia. We have embarked upon many good beginning, and opened up opportunities to lead Mongolians to a better life and prosperity. The free people of Mongolia, Mongolian families, Mongolian workers, artists, sportsmen and athletes have crafted and mastered numerous achievements and authored success stories, in which we take pride.

The Mongolian people have enriched the world repository of intellectual and cultural assets with our valuables. Mongolia has counted its population, and physical assets as well. The Mongolian State has cultured even deeper respect to the freedom and liberties of its people. The 2010 saw the realization of once in the past rhetoric of transferring powers to people and local governments, and the friendly and caring treatment of the nature.

Deeper and stronger do Mongolian people sense the need to be the owners of our rights as well as assets. Benefitting from our country’s assets and creating the wealth collectively is becoming a reality for each and every citizen of Mongolia. I ask my fellow countrymen use these opportunities and wealth for improving our lives, expanding production and enhancing productivity, and not to void for alcohol and carefree partying. The essence of the issue lies not in receiving cash and spending it out, but rests in multiplying the value to create and regenerate wealth. Therefore, the wellbeing of your family and the prosperity of our nation depend on your own astute decisions.

The year 2010 leaves us with lessons as well. There has to be a limit, an end to irresponsibility, injustice and imprudence, of which 2010 has reminded us enough. The past winter and spring were tough. We must learn lessons from both the toughness of the nature and the toughness of life, and keep moving ahead correcting the mistakes and consolidating our achievements.
I do hope and believe that the coming 2011 will be a year of progress and advancement. 2011 is a year to commemorate historic dates in the life of our nation and will be a year of national pride and grandeur. Mongolia is welcoming the great anniversaries of the millennia-old statehood, and the freedom and independence of our people transcending centuries. Both the glory and defame in the history are our teachers. People who did write a great history can carry on this history. And we do so with our today, with our present, and the tomorrow as well.
I wish the coming New Year be a year of noble aspirations and bold accomplishments. Let it be a year when the Mongolian people do away with the things that drag us back. I wish this year be a year when the life of every Mongolian citizen improves, a year of new ideas, new initiatives, new development. Our people do have every possibility to make this a reality.
I convey my hearty New Year greetings to our respectful elders, joyful youngsters, to all fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters in our one big family – Mongolia.

I wish a Happy New Year to Mongolian midwives who greet newborn babies this night, to every serviceman, to every soldier on duty this night. I send my greetings to herders, farmers, teachers and doctors, public servants, students, to Mongolian nationals abroad – to all in our family – wherever they happen to be at this moment and time. I convey my heartfelt greetings and best wishes to those who, under harsh twists of life, cannot meet the New Year comfortably and joyfully.

I wish a Happy New Year to all our friends residing in Mongolia representing international organizations, foreign governments or corporate entities, which have always helped, supported and partnered with us.

At this juncture I cordially ask you to toast milk, the cream of Mongol food. I call to gather to honor the New Year with milk, holding firmly each others hands, listening to the rhythm of our heartbeats , wishing each other the best of best in testimony of love, respect and harmony. May the year 2011 be healthy, happy and prosperous.

May my Mongolia dwell eternally. I convey my hearty New Year greetings to my people. Happy New Year.