The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Remarks by H.E.Mr. President Elbegdorj at a Meeting with The Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Mongolia on New Year's Eve

Ambassador Fischer, Dean of Diplomatic Corps,
Dear Ambassadors, Charge d’Affairs,
Representatives of international organizations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good day to you all!

I am delighted to see you all again on the eve of the New Year when we take pride in looking back at our achievements of the passing year and at the same time examine our mistakes and lessons.

With your generous support and cooperation Mongolia overcame the harsh winter of 2010. As you all know well, there has been substantial economic loss caused and the livelihood of many herders has been considerably affected. Yet, the dzud lessons have reminded a bitter warning not only for the Mongolian Government, but also for the rural population.

Despite the above, our economic growth for the year 2010 is expected to be fairly good. The world economy began to grow. In particular, economic growth of our southern neighbor - China and that of other Asian countries has positive influence on our economic performance. This encouraging news could not have been heard if Mongolia lacked mining sector. Therefore, we look forward to a closer cooperation with you towards a sustainable economic development based on our mining sector.

2010 has been a special year in international relations. Issues such as security in Afghanistan, instability on the Korean peninsula, implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, climate change, impact of world economic crisis and related challenges and threats have constantly been in the center of our attention.

Last July the State Great Khural adopted the new Concept of National Security of Mongolia. In light of this document, a new Foreign Policy Concept is under consideration at present.

In 2001 Mongolia’s foreign relations have been rich with many delightful events. While preserving its unity and continuity, we have pursued a peaceful, independent, open and multi-pillared foreign policy and carried out significant measures aimed at supporting national development of Mongolia through effective foreign policy activities.

I paid a state visit to the People’s Republic of China, Denmark, Finland and Japan. The Speaker of the State Great Khural visited the Republic of Korea, India and Vietnam, and the Prime Minister made official visit to Russia, Canada and Hungary. We were also pleased to welcome to Mongolia many high-level foreign dignitaries including Premier of the State Council of China, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Speaker of the Parliament of India and Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. These visits have played an important role in strengthening the friendly relations and cooperation between our countries.

In 2010 we have made strides to expand our cooperation with the United Nations, its specialized organizations as well as other international and multilateral bodies and achieved specific results.

Yesterday Mongolia and the European Union initialed the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and I believe this will mark a historic page. Final conclusion of this Agreement will upgrade our cooperation to a new level and broaden the framework of our bilateral relationship. Steps towards introducing the standards and norms of the European Union into Mongolia have also been made.

Mongolia’ participation in summits of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEM, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, NATO meeting on Afghanistan, as well as United Nations High level meeting on the MDGs at the level of Head of State or Government have proved that Mongolia is committed to play its part in multilateral and regional cooperation.

I attach particular importance to climate change. Last August the Government held its special meeting at Gashuun Khooloi of Bayandalai soum, Umnugobi province, where the acceleration of rapid desertification is evident because of climate change. From the Gobi desert we sent out our message to the international community. I hope this will also attract the attention of our countrymen and others in foreign lands to this issue.

At Mongolia’s initiative and through its active engagement a multilateral agreement on the establishment of an International Research Center for landlocked developing countries has been approved at the United Nations and this agreement is now open for signature by these countries.

Having prepared in accordance with a new mechanism at the United Nations, Mongolia successfully presented its first Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council in 2010.

Mongolia will assume the chairmanship of the Community of Democracies from July 2010 onwards for the period of about two years. This challenging work will certainly raise our international standing and contribute to our cause for democracy strengthening as we celebrate 20th anniversary of Mongolia’s democratic movement. With your support and assistance we will make our efforts to undertake this responsible and dignified duty.

In foreign relations, the year 2011 will be another special year. Mongolia will commemorate the centenary anniversary of the establishment of the Mongolia’s modern diplomatic service, moreover, the 2220th anniversary of the First Mongolian Statehood counted by the establishment of the Hunnu Empire, and the centenary anniversary of the National Liberation Movement. The 50th anniversary of Mongolia’s admission to the United Nations will also be celebrated. To mark these historic occasions many activities are expected to take place next year.

I am grateful to you all because you always work together and live along with the Mongolians. And I am confident that your noble deeds will continue in the years to come and for that I propose this toast.

A Happy New Year!