The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Toast Speech by President Tsakhia Elbegdorj at the Banquet hosted by President of India Madam Pratibha Devisingh Patil

Your Excellency Madam President,
Dear Mr. Devisingh Ramsingh Shekhavat,
Honorable Prime Minister Singh,
Dear Indian friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Your Excellency Madam President for the friendly invitation to the sacred, historic and profoundly unique country for us – India.

The ties between Mongolia and India have a millennia-old history. The start of our cultural relations is recorded to date 2500 years back. Mongolians name India as the Land of Jagar. Jagar, as scholars interpret, means Pure and Virtuous. Maybe, Mongolians are the only people on earth to name India in such a specific way to embody our hearty feelings and great respect toward India.

It would be sufficient to name Ganjuur and Danjuur, two major ancient literature masterpieces to illustrate the scope of popularity of ancient Indian culture, arts and literature in Mongolia. And the task, in fact a thrilling task, fell on us, the 21 century Mongolians and Indians to safeguard and expand, and hand onto future generations the torch of this sincere friendship, unwithered in the tests of history.

The Mongolian government strives to consolidate and further deepen our relations and ties with the Republic of India. I am deeply satisfied to note that our relations have emerged as a comprehensive partnership. We step on a wide path of all-embracive cooperation – trade and investment, mining, uranium, agriculture, health, culture, education, statistics, defense and security and the ICT, just name it – what partnership, what friendship, what other content can be called “comprehensive” if not ours?

Moreover, I am truly delighted to note that our relations are driven by our desire to relentlessly invest into our future, the youth. I am deeply grateful to the Government of India for doubling the scholarship slots for Mongolian students. These investments will revive and enrich the spiritual nature of our relations to wider intellectual parameters.

Your Excellency Madam President, I had truly fruitful meetings and deliberations today with Honorable Prime Minister, Vice-President, Minister for External Affairs and other Indian colleagues. Honorable Prime Minister Singh and I engaged in extensive and elaborative discussions of potentials of our relations.

Our potentials, I must note, are truly immense. I thank the Indian Government for the generous reflections on all of our proposals for constructive cooperation. I am sure, Mongolia and India’s comprehensive partnership shall bring about fascinating achievements. We will create many world-renowned brands together.

I am confident that my current visit to India shall further advance and strengthen the relations and cooperation between our two countries.

With this, may I raise this toast:

- To the good health of Your Excellency Madam President,

- To the prosperity, wellbeing and happiness of the Indian people;

- To the time-tested friendship and bright future of Mongolia-India cooperation.