The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Greetings of the President of Mongolia to the Mongolian Prosecutors

On this historic occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Prosecution Office in Mongolia, I convey my sincere greetings to the Mongolian prosecutors and their families, the sworn to the Mongolian special public service safeguards of rule of law, human rights and freedoms and guarantors of justice.

Eighteen years ago Mongolia adopted her Democratic Constitution and declared worldwide her commitment to the establishment of humane and civil society, upholding human rights and liberties, rule of law and justice. Under the ideals of the new Constitution, Mongolia has implemented a legal reform to create the legal and regulatory basis to regulate multifaceted social relations and to establish the law-enforcement system. As a result of the reforms, the Prosecution service, continuing the historical tradition, has evolved as a sovereign, legitimate and full-fledged participant of the judiciary, with rights and duties conferred by the Constitution of Mongolia.

Having analyzed the legal system and the activities of law-enforcement bodies, established in the course of 20 years, the President of Mongolia initiated the Program to Deepen Reforms in Judiciary, which was approved by the Mongolian National Security Council.

As the Head of State, I deeply trust that our Prosecution service and prosecutors would enthusiastically embrace the Program and apply diligence, creativity and constructiveness in maintaining rule of law and justice in the society and enhancing public trust and confidence in legal and judicial organizations.

Indeed, the Prosecution Service and prosecutors play a pivotal role in implementing our supreme goal, declared by our Constitution, to develop humane, civil and democratic society.

On this auspicious day I wish the Mongolian Prosecution Service and Prosecutors to meticuluosly enforce law and serve the people justly responding to the needs of time and the will of the people.
May the rule of law and justice ever prevail, and may the eyes of the State be sharp and the people’s mind - peaceful.

August 3, 2010