The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


President Elbegdorj Visits Huvsgul, the Honorable Northern Province of Mongolia

On July 28th in Murun City, Huvsgul Province, “Khotgoid Race 2” Naadam festival including three Men’s Games, have taken place on the occasion of the 300th historic birth anniversary of Chingunjav, King of Khotgoid Tribe of Mongolia, who was honored by people as the National Hero, the 89th Anniversary of People’s Revolution, and the 804th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Great Mongolian State.

President Elbegdorj, Prime Minister Batbold, Members of the Parliament elected from Khuvsgul province, government officials, and the people of Khuvsgul province and visitors from all around Mongolia and other countries participated in the celebrations of the Naadam.

People of Khuvsgul have enjoyed “Khotgoid Race 2”, Naadam Festival of Forest Mountain Region, which was grand and full of unique events.

In the opening ceremony of the Festival, horsemen brought Nine White Banners –the emblem of the Great Mongolian State and the symbol of the Mongolian statehood, and by playing the State Anthem a solemn tribute was paid in the honor of the 300th Birth Anniversary of the Legendary General, a great patriot Chingunjav.

A show of a hero dressed as Khotgoid King Chingunjav and horsemen dressed as the 18th century Mongol knights and soldiers demonstrated the magnificence and braveness of the heroes and patriots of the time.

Then the teachings of Khotgoid King Chingunjav were read to all Mongolians, people of Khuvsgul, and the participants of the festival.
On the occasion of this historic anniversary President Elbegdorj sent greetings. The greetings note “It is my pleasure to extend my greetings to You and I wish You the best on the occasion of the 300th Historic Birth Anniversary of B.Chingunjav – a passionate fighter for the independence and freedom of Mongolia, a shining patriot, and a brave hero.
Chingunjav made an appeal to princes and lords of Khalkha tribes that “unite against the Manchu king” and unflinchingly and dauntlessly fought to reinstate the independence of our nation. Chingunjav’s fight was the expression of the rage from the hearts of Mongols to defend the nation. Although Chingunjav’s struggle hadn’t ended in a victory due to internal conflicts and disunity of Mongol lords, the struggle became the call encouraging Mongols to further great fights. In reality, battles led by Chingunjav became the foundation, ember and flame of the revolution for national freedom which took place in 1911 over 150 years later. Although Chingunjav did not defeat the occupants, he laid the foundation for the great victory of later time.
This anniversary celebration is essential and helpful to brighten the mark of Chingunjav in Mongolian history and to shine his reputation, endeavors, and heroic deeds, and to educate our young generation for their motherland and Mongols.

During these sunny and rainy beautiful days, may your beloved fast horses race well, may your strong wrestlers show their strength, and may archers’ arrows hit their targets. I wish You to enjoy heartily the festival at the bank of Delger Murun river and green fields. May Mongolia flourish and prosper eternally.”

Afterwards, President Elbegdorj watched horse racing of horses from all around Mongolia and presented his gifts to the winners of horse racing.