The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Speech by President of Mongolia Mr. Tsakhia Elbegdorj at the Opening of the 4th General Session of the Convent of the Mongols of the World

Ulaan-Ude July 15, 2010

Dear friends,
My fellow Mongols,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Embodying the common will and aspiration for peace and prosperity of the Mongol people, deeply appreciating the spirit of friendship and solidarity among the nations of the world, as the Head of State of free and democratic Mongolia, the hearth and home of the Great State established by the Great Chinggis Khaan, I offer my hearty greetings along with my best wishes to you, distinguished guests and delegates of the 4th General Session of the Convent of the Mongols of the World convened in this beautiful city of Ulaan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia of our friendly neighbor the Russian Federation; and through you, to the many Mongols, residing in numerous parts of our globe.

I address my profound gratitude to the Government of the Russian Federation, and first of all, to President Dmitry Anatoliyevich Medvedev and the Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and all the good-willed people, who have rendered all-around support and help in organizing this major event of international magnitude in the Russian Federation. I wish prosperity and wellbeing to the people of Russia.

Taking this splendid opportunity of taking part in the Convent of the Mongols of the World, I present to your wise contemplation a number of conceptions that I have been entertaining for some time.

A Conception: We are living in an era of globalized and interconnected world, predominated by the interplay of powerful economies, under which national distinctions and values are shadowed and faded, and where the overt and covert conflicts of various developmental theories and thinkings are likely to further gain momentum. Under such circumstances, the Mongolian State endeavors to promote constructive economic, cultural and humanitarian relations and cooperation with the countries, which home Mongolophonic people and people of Mongol origin. I am pleased to reaffirm our continued support to public initiatives and actions which shoulder such efforts of Mongolia.

A conception: The eternal band and the sacred bond of the people of Mongol origin is the unique cultural heritage of Mongol language, Mongol script, sutras and books, and the masterpieces of cultural, artistic and customs traditions. I consider it an esteemed duty of every Mongolian national to preserve, protect, study and promote this inexhaustible depository of collective human intellectual assets, and to consolidate any initiatives and efforts on this cause.

A conception: I appeal from this respected rostrum to all countries homing the Mongol-speaking people to unite and cooperate in the cause to appreciate, pass on to future generations and to register in the pool of the world’s cultural heritage the traditional genres of Mongol folklore – folk songs, dances, music, masterpieces of oral and written folk arts, national sports and games, festivals, handcrafts and visual arts.

A conception: Mongol people have made contributions of historical grandeur to the development of civilizational, political and state, economic and trade, and humanitarian affairs and international exchanges. I call the scholars and scientists, historians, writers, journalists and any interested and devoted talents to engage in scientific studies and analyses of the work of the Mongols of the past centuries and present those contributions to the collective human patrimony and possession. I have absolutely no doubts that the Convent of the Mongols of the World would be the flagship in this vivacious journey.
A conception: We, the Mongols, are a great nation which has authored and been creating and vitalizing a grand history. The State and Government of Mongolia boldly supports the scholars and scientists which study our history. And we will continue this support. I wish to ask you, dear friends, and through you, all Mongols residing all over the world, to support and encourage each other and our friends.
I extend my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to His Excellency Mr. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Nagovitsyn and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia for successfully organizing the Convent of the Mongols of the World. I wish success to the work of the Convent.

May friendship and cooperation ever expand!
May the glory and integrity of the blessed by the Blue Sky, Blue-spotted vigorous Mongols ever brighten!
May all good deeds prosper!