The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


President Elbegdorj Held a Telephone Conversation with President Medvedev

President Elbegdorj and President Medvedev conversed on phone in July 9, exchanging opinions on issues pertaining to Mongolia-Russia relations.
President Medvedev congratulated President Elbegdorj on Mongolia’s National Day Naadam and conveyed best wishes to the Mongolian people. President Medvedev said he was happy to learn that President Elbegdorj will participate in the World Mongols Convention to be held in Ulaan-Ude, capital city of Buriatia, Russian Federation, and wished success to the world of the Convention.
The two Presidents exchanged opinions and discussed the implementation and follow-up work on issues agreed during President Medvedev’s visit to Mongolia in August 2009. In particular, the Presidents emphasized the importance of invigorating the follow-up work of the governments of the two countries. President Elbegdorj and President Elbegdorj discussed a possibility of having the Prime Ministers of the two countries meet during the Economic Forum to be held in Irkutsk, Russia, in September this year, without excluding a possibility, if needs arise, for the Mongolian Premier visit the Russian Federation.
President Medvedev confirmed his invitation to the President Elbegdorj to visit Russia, and said that the President Elbegdorj is a waited guest for his visit would elevate Mongolia-Russia relations to a new level.