The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


To Athletes, Trainers, and the People of Mongolia


To athletes, trainers, and the people of Mongolia,

Best of the best from five continents, including Mongolian athletes, are preparing for 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic Games, which will be held in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
During the previous Olympic games, dream of our people was fulfilled as our athletes won Gold medals, carrying on generation after generation of aspiration and success of Mongolian athletes.
As a Head of the State, I am confident, as well as the people of Mongolia, that the previous achievements can be surpassed by mustering body and mind to a single aim, with a scientifically founded, persistent training and guidance, and last but not least, through fortitude, strength, and acuteness of a Mongolian.
Mongolians say collective effort draws success. Therefore, I, President of Mongolia, would like to appeal to the people, the government, and the corporations, to show generosity and support for our athletes, and provide substantial support for their training and other necessary preparations.

Based on the proposals made by the authority of sports organizations, veterans, and young athletes, a proposal for building an extensive Sports Complex and Stadium will be delivered under my name, to the State Great Khural and the Cabinet.

It truly is the pride of our nation, to have our national anthem played at the Olympic games, to have our athletes carry on the baton of gold medal, and to have the name “Mongolia” sealed in the Olympic and World sports arena.

May the Glory of Mongolian Sportsmanship thrive through history.