The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Citizens Awarded for Their Bravery

By the decree of the President of Mongolia, Medallion for Courage was awarded to several citizens who showed outstanding bravery, saving lives from fire and water. Awardees included G. Batmagnai, S., Ulaanbaatar, E. Dashdavaa, B. Tsedensodnom, B. Saranchimeg, and Ch. Ulaan, Member of the State Great Khural.

G, Batmagnai is a 9th grader who rescued three children, six, four, and one years of age, from a burning ger.

Fourteen-year-old S. Batbuyan’s agility and quick thinking prevented loss of many lives, as well as a large amount material damage.

E. Dashdavaa, a police officer from Zavkhan aimag was awarded for saving a fire victim, while B. Saranchimeg, who is only three years old herself, was awarded the medallion for saving her younger sibling from fire.

Ch. Ulaan, Member of the State Great Khural, was awarded from his bravery, rescuing three children from drowning.