The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Greetings of the President of Mongolia Tsakhia to the delegates of the 5th International Meeting of Ministers of Justice “From Moratorium to Abolition of the Capital Punishment-No Justice without Life”

Honorable Ministers of Justice,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the Mongolian people and on my own I convey my warm greetings to all delegates, the organizers of the meeting - the Sant’ Egidio community and all the people who hold dear the spirit and ideals of this honorable meeting, the 5th International Meeting of Ministers of Justice “From Moratorium to Abolition of the Capital Punishment-No Justice without Life”.
I thank the Community of Sant’ Egidio for inviting me to address the meeting in person, yet, due to earlier taken commitments I could not participate. But I am pleased to designate my Advisor on Human Rights and Public Participation to deliver my Message along with my hearty greetings.
On 14 January 2010 as President of Mongolia I declared a moratorium on capital punishment from the respectful rostrum of the Mongolian Parliament. I used eight reasons and two special situations which rendered me rightful to suspend the death penalty in my country.
We are working intensely and resolutely to fully abolish the capital punishment in Mongolia. We are undertaking step-by-step measures to amend the existing legislation with the aim of abolishing the death penalty in law and practice. The Mongolian Government considers ratifying the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. By ratifying the Second Optional Protocol Mongolia would add yet one more country in the world community to fully abolish the death penalty.
Pardoning a life does not mean pardoning a penalty. The punishment for serious and cruel felonies must be severe, and must be just. However, I do not think it is just to deprive any citizens of life in the name of the State. The right to life is a fundamental right of a human being and cannot depend on anyone, not even on the Head of the State. The State should respect that very fundamental human right, and secure it by law. If the State deprives its citizen of his or her life, violence shall never end in human society. The evidence to prove that the death penalty reduced criminality is scarce. Therefore, I maintain that the State should initiate, should expound, and should lead and exemplify the cause to safeguard a human life and abolish the death penalty.
Mongolia’s announcement of moratorium on capital executions in Mongolia was applauded by the international community; we received encouraging greetings and congratulations, which only bolster our determination and commitment to full abolition and respect of human rights. Hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder, we can create a clean and bloodless future for our children. I reaffirm Mongolia’s bold dedication to leading the region to creating a humane and death-penalty free part of our one blue human globe.
We do firmly believe that the 5th International Meeting of World’s Justice Ministers shall expedite the process to full abolition of capital punishment and increase the number of countries without death penalty. Together we can create a dignified world without capital punishment.
I wish success to the work of the Meeting and all the best in your noble endeavors.