National Cancer Center representatives present current state of cancer rate in Mongolia

President Kh.Battulga congratulated the surgeons of the National Cancer Center (NCC) on their first living donor liver transplant, which completed successfully.

Over 50 surgeons performed the living donor liver transplant for about seven hours, which is seen as an important step forward in the development of surgical science in Mongolia.

President Kh.Battulga inquired about the state of the patients, recent statistics on cancer in Mongolia and the challenges in cancer study at the meeting on February 28.

NCC Director, Dr. J.Chinburen expressed his gratitude for the audience, saying it was a matter of honor for the NCC doctors and surgeons. The Director also informed that the first living donor liver transplant patient has been already discharged from the Hospital.

“We aspired to conduct this surgery in Mongolia, and after seven years of hard work and efforts, we’ve successfully performed a living donor liver transplant at the NCC,” he said, acknowledging the assistance of ‘Eleg Negt Mongolchuud’ Fund, without which the surgery would have been impossible.

Dr. J.Chinburen also emphasized the need of financial leverage in order to regularize the surgery. The NCC has scheduled seven liver transplants in 2018.

At the moment, there are 18 thousand cancer patients in Mongolia, 6,073 of whom were diagnosed in 2017. Last year, Mongolia saw 4,003 cancer deaths. The NCC focuses on early detection of cancer and not only surgical response to cancer.

The doctors also spoke of overload at the NCC, saying that the facility, designed in 1982, is not adequate for the current population. President Kh.Battulga expressed readiness to pay attention to the expansion of the NCC building.