U.S President Donald Trump replies to letter of President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga

President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga wrote a letter to the U.S President Donald Trump and addressed bilateral economic relations, investment and visa issues in December 2017.

Following is the full letter of the head of state to the U.S President Donald Trump, as well as a summary of the reply sent to the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa.


“Dear Mr. President,

I would like to extend my best wishes for the holiday season to you and your family, and offer my congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our two countries as we wrap up the commemorative program of the year.

The people of Mongolia regards the United States as the leading nation of the free world. We sincerely hope that your nation’s will, determination to establish and keep peace, democracy, freedom, and efforts to support human rights would never cease.

I believe that the current economic relations of our countries is not near its full potential. The size of our trade with the United States is currently at a level that reaches not even two percent of our overall foreign trade. Since 1990, just over $300 million has been invested into Mongolia from the United States, which suggests that there is room for significant improvement. The praises of the United States that Mongolia is “an oasis of democracy” or “model of democracy” have not brought any substantial contribution to the economy. Discouraged by this fact, ordinary citizens of Mongolia are losing confidence in democracy and doubting the choice of democratic path. We hope that you can help Mongolia to solidify its economic security through utilizing your development finance tools, and make a significant difference through intensifying bilateral economic relations that are, in my view, not sufficiently robust.

Mongolia needs a tangible economic support from the United States. We would like to ask you to provide us an improved access of our textile products exports into your market within the existing trading system. This would make a significant impact on the reduction of women’s unemployment in our country.

We believe that unrestricted traveling of our citizens between our two countries would have an indispensable role in the development of our bilateral relations, and a United States visa waiver for Mongolian citizens would be a major milestone for both our nations.

In addition, we hope that you will support our country by helping American companies to invest in Mongolia and ensuring our political stability through economic growth.

During the 27 years of our democratic path, the United States has been the trusted “third neighbor” of Mongolia. The term third neighbor was first coined on the basis of the remark by Secretary James Baker when he visited Mongolia in 1990, which allowed our country to expand significantly its international exposure. We are pleased that Secretary Baker’s words led the development of one of the central tenets of Mongolia’s foreign policy.

Our two democratic countries have been pursuing the comprehensive partnership based on shared values and common strategic interests. I am confident that in your foreign policy, Mongolia, as a committed democracy in Asia and as the trusted partner of the United States, would play a significant role.
We hope that the tradition of paying close attention and supporting Mongolia during the last 27 years by the Presidents of the United States will continue during your Administration and shall enrich itself with new milestones. Every nation has a right to consolidate its independence and freedom, and we expect you, Mr. President, to provide us a tangible to support in fully regaining our economic security.

In closing, I would like to quote an American scholar Jack Weatherford, who once remarked that even though Mongolia and the United States are geographically far apart, “with the help of modern technology, our countries have become neighbors who share common democratic values and unwavering commitment toward progress.”
I wish progress and prosperity to both our nations.


“Thank you for your letter and for your holiday wishes. On behalf of myself and Melania, I wish you, your family, and the Mongolian people all the best for a healthy and prosperous 2018. I want to assure you that my Administration is strongly committed to our valuable partnership with Mongolia. The United States is proud to be Mongolia’s trusted “third neighbor,” and we appreciate Mongolia’s support as we work together to address regional and global challenges.”

H.E President Donald Trump added that the economic relations between the two countries have not reached their full potential. He noted that he is delighted to explore ways to expand trade and investment on a fair and reciprocal basis. In doing so, the Mr. Trump wrote that the United States trade and investment agencies, such as the United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation, are interested in expanding business opportunities in Mongolia, especially in the agricultural and renewable energy sectors. Additionally, he views that the upcoming Millennium Challenge Corporation compact should help create economic growth in Ulaanbaatar.

At the end of the letter, the President of the United States H.E Donald Trump welcomed the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa to Washington, D.C., at an appropriate time in the future and wished for the very best in 2018.