Honored Members of Parliament, and Speaker of State Great Khural,

The reason of my address here today is simple and definite. I have been working on tour to hear the opinions of our citizens as the head of state

-through Chilgeltei, Sukhbaatar, Khan-Uul, Bayangol, Songinokhairkhan, Bayanzurkh and Bagakhangai - seven districts of Ulaanbaatar between 14th and 21st of January;

-and seven aimags - Khentii, Dornod, Sukhbaatar, Dornogobi and Sobisumber aimags between 24th and 28th of January, and Umnugobi and Dundgobi on 3th and 4th of February.

I will continue holding meetings with citizens from other districts and aimags to have face to face contact with the people.

The purpose of my address is to ask you to reflect their comments, initiatives, proposals, requests, complaints and demands in your short and long term policies and actions.

Total of around 12,800 citizens, among whom were 9,000 residents of the capital city and 3,800 people living in localities, attended the series of meetings. 742 citizens expressed their opinions on record, and 1,439, in writing.

The most common issues mentioned by the citizens were the possibility of pay raise, the increased tax, bank loans, loan interests, unemployment, poverty, air pollution, extension of labor age, amount of pensions and social welfare, incentives, ownership of land and property, and problems in education and healthcare.

Many more comments and criticisms regarded improper decisions and actions of the State Great Khural, Cabinet and government authorities, ethics of public servants.

Extension of labor age, very low amount of pension, welfare and aid, and their expedience were the most recurring among criticisms. To be exact, 248 citizens complained about and criticized the given issues. 97 citizens submitted complaints about connection between unemployment and poverty, 103, about air pollution, 92, about the tax increase, 99, about inaccessibility of housing, and 54, about loans and unbearable debt burdens in their life, bringing these issues in the center of attention.

You can easily observe there is massive concern among citizens over pursuance and protection of justice and rule of law from 114 comments about measures to be taken towards politicians having accounts and properties in offshore regions, 102, about improper activities of government organizations, and 89 comments about annulment of parliament in the case where the parliament continues insufficient observance of its duties.

Dear Members of Parliament,

The people are living under a massive stress, induced by a mountain of unsolved problems and urgent issues. Problems must be discussed and solved. The Parliament and Cabinet have been indecisive, while the politicians pursue luxury buying expensive cars by budget money and still complain about not having enough support. Citizens are furious about the sluggishness of public officials who should be combating corruption.

Citizens also criticize tardiness of parliament members who should have full attendance in the act of lawmaking. The rates of unemployment and poverty have been surging while these politicians try to take credit for the positive economic performance incurred by the increase in commodities prices. Just as the Finance Minister claimed that "this cabinet have shed a light on the economy", the International Monetary Fund stated that the main factor for the economic growth is the increase in commodities prices. Head of the IMF working group said, revealing the ugly truth, "positive changes in the economy cannot be guaranteed to carry on. Risk in Mongolian economy still remains at a critical level." This only indicates your wish to be seen as doing something overthrows the wish to really do things.

Solutions will only be found when you have the will to have the people employed and with good income, not when your only desire is promotion and luxurious rides.

Showing off to the elders only when Tsagaan Sar nears is a waste in the absence of tangible decisions and actions. Two thirds of all pensioners are receiving pensions at a minimum amount. They are forced to live on only 300 thousand Tugrugs. Is it enough for the Government to claim that they are observing their duty maintain well-being of their citizens?

Dear parliament members, I call you for a reconstruction in the national pension system. With the renovation complete within a short period, the amount of pension can be increased dramatically. I, as the head of state, will be requiring the parliament and cabinet to carry out a systematic renovation.

The practice of making profit out of people's problems should be eliminated. I want you to avoid your petty intentions to force useless stoves and so-called synthetic fuel in order to make easy money. Instead, you should trying to house at least one family, to employ at least one person.

It is not hard to realize the unsuccessfulness of distributing so-called "smokeless" stoves for the past decade. Is it still okay to have mercy on the authorities who are to be blamed for wasting billions under the name of "eliminating smog". The risk of wasting more awaits if we do not hold them accountable.

I strongly advise you to change your way to address problems and the system of accountability. Political polarity has hit its ceiling. It can be seen from Sukhbaatar aimag's case, and unethical actions of its Governor and officials. The national unity has been broken there. You are the people who can mend this.

Poverty is the root of all problems and misery in Mongolia. Poverty can only be destroyed when there is enough workplaces. A great amount of jobs can be provided when there are major developments in place. Growth of this country, livelihoods of the people depend on how deeply you care about the issues of sustainable employment and national income. For the last 28 years, "big-mouths" and foreigner's puppets have been saying we need not to make anything in Mongolia and that we can import it all. The Government has been following their persuasion up until now, however, we haven't achieved anything. It's about time we realized how much time we lost.

I wish again and again to love your people and look after them. A boy of little over 10 years old came to the meeting and criticized profiteering from the medicine for Hepatitis patients, and talked about how his parents struggle to make the money for medicine. He also claimed he suspects a group of influential people block the possibility of importing cheaper and better medicine. Can there be a government official who intend to profit out of people's illness? Is it ethical for them to work in the offices?

The issue of Erdenet Mining Corporation and how the entire copper mine is becoming a deposit for bank loan. Nobody is being held responsible for this issue of many years. An official made a letter of guarantee proposing a state property as deposit for loan. The official, and the officials who helped him to make the guarantee have been identified, and yet, they act as though they have done nothing wrong at the arbitrary court. Although you have been elected for the sake of your fancy promises, you are being swallowed by your attempts to avoid settling disputes and solving problems. Revenue of this major plant is held as a mortgage, it is an unavoidable truth. I want you to solve your problem, and hold the official responsible.

Such irresponsibility is destroying people's trust in the Government. The government that does not exercise justice does not live for very long.

Citizens are demanding justice for the alleged crimes of bargaining public offices for 60 billion tugrugs and owning accounts and properties in offshore regions. It is time you, lawmakers, expressed your political position about these issues. I require you to dispose of the officials who are supposed to fight corruption and are not doing their jobs, and to maintain smooth function of a Government.

Situation is getting worse. People are overworked and stressed at the fact that the government is not doing its job. Many people repeatedly mention about annulling the parliament during my meetings. Some politicians have been condemning me claiming I am breaking unity among people and provoking them. Tolerating authorities when they are not functioning properly is not the unity. Citizens are entitled to demand and require from the authorities to do their job.

Complaints and proposals from citizens are analyzed and studied by the Office of the President, which will submit the results to the affiliated government organizations and reflect them into its own actions and policies.

I am attending this meeting today in order to deliver the citizens' concerns in timely manner. Thank you for your attention."