Your Excellency Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,
Excellencies Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish to extend my warm greetings and best wishes of well-being for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration of the year of the Yellow Dog! Following our tradition, we are pleased to welcome the Diplomatic Corps at the outset of the New Year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The year 2017 was rich in political events and it was a time to assess our mistakes and achievements. The Presidential Election held last year was a testament to Mongolia’s democracy. It is my belief that democracy in Mongolia has firmly matured, despite the positive and negative views on it, and the peaceful transition of powers within our Constitutional rights clearly demonstrates it.

With the change of the Government in the second half of 2017, the people are expecting the new Prime Minister to put the national interest first and to come up with effective solutions to pressing issues as well as to work with responsibility and promptness.

As representatives of the Mongolian Government, we are satisfied with our cooperation with all of you, honorable representatives of our partner countries and international organizations in overcoming economic challenges, boosting foreign trade and enhancing economy last year.

Mongolians have made great efforts to maintain the friendly and good-neighborly relations, to broaden the existing cooperation and to increase economic benefits with the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China and we will continue doing so. Reaching a principal agreement on “Establishing of the Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor Program” and establishing “Research Center for Investment” and agreeing on projects to be implemented in the first place with our neighbors marks an important step to further our cooperation.

Within our foreign policy framework, we have firmly pursued the principles of developing our ties and cooperation with the “Third neighbors”, other countries of the World and international organizations in all possible fields and contribute to the common efforts and prosperity of the international community.

It is worth mentioning the positive outcomes including the entry into force of the Partnership Cooperation Agreement between Mongolia and the European Union, the official opening of the EU Delegation in Ulaanbaatar and the meeting of eligibility requirements for the Second Compact of Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to underline the challenges and difficulties Mongolia is currently facing. Our Government expresses its regret over the Council of the European Union’s decision to include Mongolia in “the EU blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes”. I do think perhaps there has been a misunderstanding or a lack of exchange of information. Mongolia has no objections in maintaining transparency regarding its tax issues. I am confident that we will come to a common understanding with the European Union and as a result Mongolia will be delisted from it in a nearest future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year, we will pay a concerted attention to improving the economic security, the cornerstone of our national security. Within this objective, we aim to work on increasing foreign direct investment, improving the utilization and effectiveness of aid and soft loans, engaging actively in the regional integration, establishing Free Trade Agreements, facilitating and supporting all aspects of foreign trade, easing the condition for citizens to travel abroad, as well as protecting the rights and interests of our citizens living abroad. We will implement a specific policy and work on diversifying our export products and building a multi-pillar economy. For this purpose, your assistance and support will be highly appreciated.

Mongolia has consistently adhered to the principles of equality and mutual respect of interests in its foreign policy. I am convinced yet again that we will continue strengthening and deepening our bilateral cooperation and supporting each other on the international arena.

I wish you, the Distinguished Ambassadors, diplomats, and representatives of International Organizations in Mongolia, the best of success, sound health and well-being.

May the Mother Earth enjoy peace and prosperity. May the Eternal Blue Sky bless us all!