Dear citizens, children and youth, teachers and educators of Mongolia!
I would like to congratulate You on celebration of the 1st of September. Today, our country is overflowing with happiness and cheerful voices of children and young people, who gathered at the gates of their schools and universities. Thousands of little citizens of Mongolia are rushing to their kindergartens, holding their parents’ hands. Accumulation of knowledge and intellect that are needed for future growth of our country, as well as its international reputation will depend on what these youngsters will learn throughout the whole year.

The inevitable is that the government should take decisive actions toward improving acknowledgement of teacher’s works, and rewarding their overtime labor and perseverance judging from the results of their students’ achievements and regardless of how many years of experience they have.

As the words of wisdom go, “You must stabilize your mind in order to learn”. Conscience is the most valuable character for our youngsters in saving their human nature and empathy while being on the path of learning new achievements of the 21st century, and identifying right from wrong in endless circle of information. In the last few years, parents and ordinary people have been appropriately criticizing and demanding limitation of use of smart phones and internet in educational facilities, behind student desks.
I would like to ask you, young people, to learn new habits of properly speaking and writing in your mother tongue, solving four arithmetic functions by heart, writing and speaking in perfect style, with reflection of your own minds, competing in fair match with your true strength and skill and imagining your future with what you have in your hearts. These habits are the soil of peace of human mind. I believe the honorable educators will realize that, if the soil is seeded with knowledge and conscience, harvest in latter days will be great.

In accordance with the full rights and duties as the head of state of Mongolia, I have issued a decree and ordered to name September 1st the Day of Mother Language. I call all of you to learn to speak and write properly in your own mother language. A person who cherishes and loves one’s own language is the one who will love one’s country. In the margin of celebration of the Day of Mother Language, the first day of school is starting with Mongolian language and Mongolian literature classes in general education schools, as it has been agreed with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports.

In all educational institutions, teaching methods and curricula of which differ from one another, it is the responsible time for us to take charge of bringing up the future citizens who master Mongolian language and Mongolian way of thinking with healthy physiques, who are empathic and moral, who love their country and are perfect in knowledge and education.

Dear educators!
Dear students, parents and citizens!

Education, knowledge, their quality and competitiveness on the global level have always remained as a priority of the state and in the center of attention in government policies. Today marks the commencing of the new academic year, when we have to collaborate while promoting the citizen’s rightful will to learn and improve themselves! Happy new academic year!