The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


President's greetings to the journalists on the occassion of the World's Press Freedom Day

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, I’d like to send my sincere greetings to the Mongolian journalists and media workers. Today is special for we are celebrating our Freedom of the press that is inseparable from the Freedom of speech—one of the basic human rights—with one voice and so proudly.

Although the free press—as a value of Democracy—has made a great stride in the past twenty years of Mongolian history, the media experienced its share of hardships when bringing Mongolian citizens an unforeseen era of Freedom of speech and became the unbiased and independent means for exercising such a freedom. Due to a number of factors such as globalization, the speed and strength with which news travels around the globe and the rapid technological advancement, the media sector has been developing extremely fast. As a result, the Law on Freedom of Press that the government legislated in 1998 has showed signs of being inadequate, when it comes to resolving problems in need of urgent solution in the media sector. Concerned with this issue, I have started working on the process of renewing the Law of Press & Media Freedom.

Media that is not only strong and independent from its owners and any other entities, but that is also based on open-minded principles and does not discriminate against a specific group, can deliver true & unbiased information to the public and exemplify for society how a truly free and liberal media is ought to work. This also is the trend to where the global media is heading. The Office of the President is putting much emphasis on maintaining a media sector that gives free reign to the public to speak their mind; media that supplies the audience true and accurate information in a timely manner, as well as broadcasts educational & cultural programs that are thought-provoking to the people of Mongolia.

Considered by many as the unofficial judiciary, the media sector can play a tremendous role in becoming the playing field for society’s various groups and members of different strata to exchange their views and debate about the developments and trends of the domestic and international communities throughout the world.

May the media be non-biased, true and transparent in both principle and action, and be not affiliated with any political or social group.


MAY 3rd, 2010