Distinguished Generals, Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and fellow peacekeepers,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today marks the beginning of the “Khan Quest 2017,” annual multinational peace support operations exercise co-hosted by the Mongolian Armed Forces, the United States Pacific Command, and the United States Marine Corps Forces Pacific. As the Commander-in-Chief of the Mongolian Armed Forces, I sincerely congratulate the peacekeepers who are representing their countries and welcome you to our country that has more than two millennia of statehood.

It is important to note that the nations of the world have been putting their efforts into strengthening peace and stability, striving to resolve conflicts peacefully, and achieved considerable success. However, there are still threats in our world that are caused by religious conflicts, insurgencies, terrorism, and natural disasters.

As a full-fledged member of the international community, Mongolia has an obligation to maintain its contribution and efforts toward global peace and security. To this end, Mongolian peacekeepers have been actively taking part in the UN Peace Support Operations, and proudly serving in the United Nations missions worldwide.

As the head of the state of Mongolia, I am pleased that Mongolian military personnel are participating in a multinational exercise, contributing to the global peace support, and learning from fellow UN peacekeepers who have the mission to maintain peace and security.

Mongolian Armed Forces has always strived not to be limited by simply expressing its position on the global peace and security issues from afar, but actively take part in peace support missions regardless of any challenges. In the future, to fulfill our responsibilities as a full-fledged member of the international community and our commitment to global peace, Mongolia will consistently support global peacekeeping operations, and maintain its traditional policy and position.

Mongolian peacekeepers and their contingents that participate in peacekeeping missions have been successfully providing their support to maintain global peace and security in conflict areas, protecting the rights of the people of newly independent countries, and strengthening the sovereignty and democracy of those nations. I personally believe that it has a significant importance in consolidating the sovereignty and security of Mongolia.

I am confident that the “Khan Quest 2017” annual multinational peace support operations exercise will have a substantial impact on enhancing our peacekeepers’ military skills, knowledge, discipline, experience, and endurance. I trust that you will work hard and be proactive to learn from your fellow multinational peacekeepers during this exercise.

Dear peacekeepers, during your spare time, I hope that you will get to acquainted with our country’s millennia old extraordinary nomadic culture, customs, and history. Your memory of Mongolia and our way of living will serve as a bridge between our nations and testament to our friendship.

May I once again extend my gratitude and wish all the best to the United States Pacific Command, and the United States Marine Corps Forces Pacific, Alaska National Guard, the military commands of the 26 participating nations, and the peacekeepers. I wish the best of luck to the “Khan Quest 2017” annual multinational peace support operations exercise.

May the world be peaceful and the deeds of peacekeepers be solidified and strengthened further.