June 9, 2017 Astana

Excellency President Nursultan Nazarbayev,
Excellencies Heads of Delegations,
Dear guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I extend my deep gratitude to the President of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Government of Kazakhstan for successful hosting of the summit of the Council of Heads of State of member states.

Also, I sincerely congratulate India and Pakistan for acceding to the SCO as full-fledged members. I am confident that the expansion of the membership of the SCO will extend the political and economic resources and the international reputation of the Organization, and will give a strong and fresh impetus for resolving the region’s pressing issues and challenges.

Since Mongolia’s engagement with the SCO with an Observer status, Mongolia has endeavored to actively and regularly participate in SCO Summits, Meetings of the Heads of Government and other meetings and venues of the Organization. Mongolia closely observes the SCO expansion process, its ongoing and future activities and their trends and tendencies.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is important to improve the legal environment to regulate the relations between the member and observer states, and substantiate economic cooperation with concrete milestones.

Mongolia has consistently maintained the continuity of our foreign policy and actively pursues an open-pillar, peace-loving, open and independent foreign policy. Developing and widening the scope of friendly relations and cooperation with the RF and PRC is a priority of our foreign policy. At the initiative of Mongolia, the summit of the Heads of State of Mongolia, the Russian Federation and the PRC and other mechanisms of tri-partite cooperation have been established and are now successfully functioning.

Mongolia accords special attention to the program of establishing an Economic Corridor passing through the territory of Mongolia upon close coordination of Mongolia’s “Development Road” program with China’s “Belt and Road” and Russia’s “Eurasian Economic Union” cooperation mechanisms. It is fully feasible to construct the shortest, safest, simplest and cheapest infrastructure connection Russia, Europe, China and Asia through the Mongolian territory. These projects and programs will open up a huge investment space for global investors, and therefore, I call the SCO participating states for supporting and embracing this effort.

Mongolia is a home to a rich pool of primary energy sources. We aspire mutually beneficial cooperation with our neighboring countries to develop energy infrastructure union. On the other hand, Mongolia owns enormous renewable energy sources – solar, hydro and wind. And I call the SCO member, observer and partner countries to jointly undertake with Mongolia highly effective, eco-friendly renewable energy projects for Asia-Pacific regional energy system integration.

Mongolia wishes to promote cooperation in science, education, health, disaster prevention and mitigation, agriculture and other sectors within the confines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Also, joint projects in culture, arts and sports will promote understanding among our peoples, strengthen peace and will lead the way to further expansion of meaningful and mutually beneficial cooperation between and among our nations.

Honorable Mr. Chairman,
Mongolia congratulates the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s on the expansion of its activities and its emergence as a permanent international organization encompassing multilateral cooperation in security, trade, economic, cultural, education and humanitarian fields.

Mongolia wishes to cooperate with the SCO in efforts to combat terrorism and drug trafficking. Mongolia supports and appreciates the adoption at this summit of the SCO Strategy to Combat Narcotics.

I firmly believe that deepening and strengthening cooperation, coordination and synergy between and among the SCO participating countries is vital not only for the development and prosperity of my own country, but also makes a substantial contribution to global peace, stability and wellbeing at large.

Thank you.