Your Excellency Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,
Excellencies Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is a day of many blessings. We are bidding farewell to the Old Year and welcoming the New Year of the Eastern calendar following the Western calendar. On behalf of the President, Chairman of the State Great Hural, and Prime Minister of Mongolia, I would like to extend the greetings for the year of 2017 and the Lunar New Year celebration of the year of the Fire Rooster and wish you all the best.

The Lunar New Year – Tsagaan Sar is the expression of the benevolence and the symbol of unity. This is the reason why we greet each other with open palms. The Lunar New Year is also a celebration of Spring, when flowers blossom and livestock produce.

As customary, I am delighted to greet all of you, after your successful overcoming of Mongolian harsh winter with us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The year of 2016 was full of historic events both in external relations and domestic life of Mongolia.

Leaders of the two continents, Asia and Europe, convened in Mongolia in 2016. Having a rare opportunity for a country to organize such a prestigious event, Mongolians have successfully hosted the historic meeting. Policy makers of Asia and Europe declared the important directions and decisions for the next decade from our capital city to the World.

The third trilateral meeting between the heads of state of Mongolia, China and Russia was organized on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit. Signing of the program on establishment of economic corridor and many other important deals agreed with our neighbors were yet another important step for us.

Overcoming economic hardships, enhancing and developing economic cooperation and foreign trade, facilitating trade, creating a favorable legal environment for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, rebuilding their confidence were on the forefront of our activities. We paid concerted attention to participating actively in regional integration processes and signing free trade agreements.

Accession to the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement, ratification and implementation of Mongolia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, ratification of the “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change” were few of the many achievements and concrete steps of our foreign relations.

Parliamentary and local elections were held in Mongolia in 2016. Mongolian people are expecting the newly elected officials to work with responsibility and promptness while honouring their commitment for the country’s common interests.

We have solemnly celebrated the historic 105th anniversary of the restoration of independence and freedom of Mongolia on the eve of the New Year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We will put our main focus on overcoming economic challenges, and creating a favorable environment to enhance and develop foreign trade and economic cooperation in 2017. For this purpose, we will continue cooperating closely with you, honourable representatives of partner countries and international organizations. Your assistance and support will be highly appreciated.

In 2017, number of important events will take place in both political and social spheres in Mongolia. Presidential election is one of them. I am confident that this year’s election will be a solid page for Mongolia as it is a reputable member of the Community of Democracies and a frontrunner of democracy in the World.

Mongolia shall continue to define, adjust and conduct its foreign policy accordingly in a rapidly changing World. We shall safeguard our national interests and security through political and diplomatic means by pursuing a multi-pillar, peaceful, open and independent foreign policy and maintaining its continuity.

Mongolia has always respected and honoured the interests of our partner countries and strives to strengthen and develop the traditionally friendly relations and cooperation with them. Especially further enhancing and deepening our partnership with the two immediate neighbours remains and will remain as our main priority. Mongolia is eager to enrich and develop its cooperation with the Third neighbours, other countries of the World and international organizations in all possible fields and contribute to the common efforts and prosperity of the international community.

Mongolia believes there is a vital need of establishing a security and cooperation mechanism in Asia. In this regard, I set forward the “Asian Forum for Peace and Dialogue” initiative on May 2015 to hold a multilateral dialogue inclusive of all Asian countries. Therefore, I sincerely hope that You, your respective countries and its organizations will support Mongolia’s efforts and ensure its active participation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am convinced yet again that we will continue strengthening and deepening our bilateral cooperation and supporting each other on the international arena.

May the Mother Earth enjoy peace and prosperity in 2017.
May our heartfelt blessings be fulfilled and spread in 2017.

May the very first day of the incoming Year of the Fire Rooster bless you with vigor, strength and hope.

Thank you for your attention.