The State Palace
Ulaanbaatar city

Dear citizens,

Allow me to extend the New Year’s greetings and wish all the best.
The outgoing year of 2016 was full of historic events for the people of Mongolia.

In 2016, the Heads of State and Government of Asian and European countries gathered in Mongolia. Mongolia successfully and honorably hosted the ASEM Summit. A country of Asia and Europe has the opportunity to host the Summit once in a century. Leaders of Asian and European countries commemorated the 20th anniversary of the ASEM in Mongolia. Eurasian policy makers declared their policy and directions for the next decade - the Ulaanbaatar Declaration and the Chair's Statement in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia.

In 2016, the Parliamentary and the local elections were held in Mongolia. People are waiting for the elected officials and statesmen to work respecting common interests of the country, work with accountability, and work promptly, keeping people’s trust.

In 2016, our outstanding athletes successfully competed in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The pages of our pride are becoming thicker on the world stage.
On these days, we the Mongolians are celebrating the 105th anniversary of Restoration of National Freedom and Independence.

Dear Mongolians,

Soon we will bid farewell to 2016 and welcome the New Year. Mongolians will continue to live and create our history.

Only Mongolians will create the Mongolian beauty. It is important how to welcome the New Year, not how to bid farewell to the outgoing year. Obviously, Mongolia will move forward if we encourage our people and cooperate with each other.

Taking pride in being a Mongolian is the essential quality of a Mongolian. Mongolians love Mongolia. Mongolians who love Mongolia should contribute to the development of the country. The development is far broader than getting rich.

Mentality, patriotism, aspiration to support each other and supporting each other are the fundamental aspects of our existence. Creativity, high set of ethics, discipline and hard-working qualities will only lead Mongolia to the prosperity.

I have no doubt there are many great days and moments of pride ahead. Mongolians have a noble duty to live their lives and make their own contribution to the development of the country.

Dear citizens,

At this juncture I would like to convey my hearty New Year greetings to everyone.
I express cordial appreciation to every single person on an official service, who are serving for the wellbeing, peace and prosperity of the country at the moment.
I wish a happy New Year to all Mongolians residing overseas who work and study.
I convey my heartfelt greetings and wish a happy New Year to our foreign friends and colleagues, who live, study and work in Mongolia representing their countries and international organizations.

May our world be peaceful in 2017.
May my Mongolia’s pathway towards success be clean and our achievements be enormous in 2017.
May all the people’s good wishes come true in 2017.

And with this, respecting the Mongolian tradition, let me raise this silver bowl of milk to the good health, vigor, success and wellbeing of everyone.

May my Mongolia dwell eternally. Once again, I would like to wish a Happy New Year and all the best.

December 31, 2016