It is important to discuss such a broad range of issues between the two continents

I would like to extend my earnest greetings to all of you this morning.
The Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament,
The Speakers and Members of the Parliament,
Dignitaries, Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every meeting that brings together the Members of Parliament is important. A Member of Parliament has a very important and responsible duty. We are truly grateful that the most respected and responsible dignitaries representing the Parliaments of Asian and European countries have arrived here today. We greatly appreciate you for representing the people of your country and coming to Mongolia to discuss these important issues. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. /Applause/

Mongolians say “The spring time is a beginning of a new era”. The 9th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership /ASEP9/ Meeting, which is now being held in Mongolia, is the opening of the series of ASEM events in Ulaanbaatar. Therefore, Mongolia attaches high significance to this Meeting.
For the Asia and the Europe, there are many things to learn from each other and there are many issues to discuss jointly. I think there are many things to share with each other.

I regard the ASEM initiative and this organization as the most important dialogue mechanism between Asia and Europe. Thus, Mongolia should actively participate in its activities, because there are over 100 initiatives and topics for discussion at the ASEM Summit. But, none of the international organizations touches upon such a broad range of issues. It is important to discuss such a broad range of issues between the two continents.

The ASEM Summit is an advancement podium and a new exemplary model platform dedicated to address the most pressing global issues
One specific feature of the ASEM Summit is that the organization does not belong only to the dignitaries. Not only dignitaries, but ordinary people participate in the Summit more actively. The ASEM Summit is a free podium for discussion, where business representatives and people from every level of society express their interests and opinions. I think it is an advancement podium and a new exemplary model platform dedicated to address the most pressing global issues.

On the top of this platform, at the leadership of this exchange, the Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting is being held representing the people of their countries.

The ASEM Summit is an important event, because, the Asian and European countries account for 63 percent of the world economy and the Asia is home to 58 percent of global population. If we reach a common understanding on economic and population issues, we will make great contribution to the global stability, advancement and the world peace.

We are truly glad to host the ASEM and its events within the confines of the Summit. Also, our people attach great importance to this event.

We will outline our future directions at this Summit
Another specific feature of the 11th ASEM Summit is that this year marks the 20th Anniversary of establishment of the Asia-Europe Meeting. We evaluate our work once in a decade. An important and prospective document was approved during the 10th Anniversary of ASEM and more important goals will be determined during the upcoming Summit. We will evaluate works implemented in the past 20 years. We will discuss challenges facing the world. We will outline our future directions. Therefore, this meeting is important.

The Government and the people of Mongolia regard the ASEM as an opportunity in a century, because the Summit takes place once every two years. ASEM currently has 53 partners, which means Mongolia will host the Summit in 100 years.

Our traditions, our ancestors’ great deeds are now being revived with your participation 800 years later
As the Speaker of Mongolian Parliament said “Mongolia does have a historical reason to attach high significance to this event, because this year will be marking the 810th Anniversary of establishment of the Great Mongol State”. The Great Mongol State was ruled by the law called “Ikh Zasag”. Mongolians had once established the largest empire on dry land and had ruled by the written law. This empire respected religious beliefs, freedom, freedom of trade, peace and prosperity.

Mongolia is a nodal point between Asia and Europe. Eight centuries ago, Mongolia’s ancient capital city Kharakhorum attracted traders not only from Europe but other countries. The most famous craftsmen, architects and creators gathered in this city. Diplomats and envoys representing foreign countries arrived in Kharakhorum. Monks and priests arrived in Mongolia’s capital to discuss the most pressing issues faced during that time. We have these traditions.

Mongolians are very glad that these traditions, our ancestors’ great deeds are now being revived with your participation 800 years later.

Mongolia is proposing three initiatives
There are almost no initiatives left to propose at the ASEM. But, we propose to add 2 to 3 initiatives that have been discussed not too much.

The first initiative is the rule of law and the fight corruption. New societies, new countries, and new orders fail because of bad governance. We should prioritize the rule of law, strengthen the governance and fight corruption. We discuss these issues within the ASEM.

The second initiative is the women's human rights. Mongolia respects women's human rights and we should discuss this issue. Women must be fully supported everywhere, at all levels of the state institutions. This is very important commitment. /Applause/

The third initiative is supporting new business start-ups. Let us open discussions on supporting new business start-ups, creating technologies and exploring new ideas. These are the three initiatives, which Mongolia would like to propose to the ASEM Summit.

Mongolia to establish ASEM Center
Mongolia is a nomadic country. When Mongolians move from one place to a new one a small spot left on the land marked by Ger. Similarly, Mongolia would also like to leave a legacy and make its own contribution to the ASEM Summit and its events. Therefore, we are discussing to establish ASEM Center in Ulaanbaatar. ASEM Secretariat is not bureaucratic. This is one specific feature of this Meeting. We think that the ASEM Center will be a helpful facility with 2 to 3 employees who will support the next host country of the Summit, will share the experience from the former host countries and will provide useful information. Mongolia is located between Asia and Europe and we plan to support the ASEM activities. These are the initiatives that we would like to propose.

Mongolia is attaching utmost importance to Ulaanbaatar Declaration which is the product of ASEM Summit
Mongolia is attaching utmost importance to Ulaanbaatar Declaration which is the core document to be produced by ASEM Summit in Mongolia. Also, as the parliamentarians, you are issuing a Declaration which will be presented at the high-level event of ASEM. Mongolians will pay close attention to the event where this Declaration will be presented. We will make every support to make it happen.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that Mongolia is a friendly country. It is a country with great history and culture, and our people take pride in their future. Mongolia is an open country. During your short stay in Mongolia, please, try to learn as much as you can about our country, our people, our culture and our lifestyle.

Of course if you enjoyed it, welcome back to Mongolia again. You have a standing invitation from the Speaker of Mongolian Parliament and myself, the President of Mongolia. Once again, I would like to wish success in your future efforts.

Thank you.