The Office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Speech by President Tsakhia Elbegdorj at the “Intellectual Competence – Key to Development” National Technology Forum

Allow me to extend hearty greetings to honorable guests, academics and experts at this Forum.

Today we have gathered here to witness the results and achievements of the cooperation and partnership between scientific, technological and business sectors taking place in recent years. I would like to propose three focal matters in this regard, which in my view, are in need of urgent addressing.

Any fresh business idea is founded either solely on the new discoveries of scientists or individuals, or with financial contributions of financial institutions, individuals, and certain businesses. Today in Mongolia, we see many ventures ignoring valuable input of scientists, and research and development.

When there is a scientific breakthrough in Mongolia, it should be the basis for new ventures and businesses. And that very breakthrough should serve as the inventor’s stake in the business. Part of the production chain, where negotiation and cooperation between the inventor and the investor laying the basis for joint production, has lagged behind for many years. We have brilliant inventions by the scientists, while lacking legal and business sector support scheme for such work.

Secondly, a new, “green” development approach has been witnessed throughout the world, which is chiefly about environment-friendly development. Therefore, an answer is found for some complicated matters. “Which technology is the best?” The answer would be “nature-friendly technology.” “Which business should be considered the best?” The answer is “Business, with no harms for both nature and human well being,” in accordance with the current worldwide tendency.

Today, a notion about nature-friendly science and business dominates throughout the world. By far the most flawless law is in nature, and development approach in conjunction with the laws of nature is considered as the “right” development.

The third matter I would like to stress is about “revolution,” which has been widely discussed recently. I would like to point out the reasons why the revolution failed. Because there has been no revolution in organizations, in intellectual property sector, and even in the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia. If every individual is to revolutionize his mindset, if every organization can revolutionize its operation, then revolution and progress will truly prevail in our society.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Above-mentioned issues are the points I would like stress and I wish the best of success for the proceedings of the Forum.