State Palace, January 15, 2016

Your Excellency Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,

Excellencies Ambassadors, Charge dé Affairs,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are delighted to welcome you just after the New Year as customary and glad to see the increasing number of Diplomatic Corps in Ulaanbaatar.

It is an auspicious ceremony of meeting after the New Year. On the occasion of the New Year and on the eve of Tsagaan Sar, I extend the greetings for the year of 2016 and the Tsagaan Sar celebration of the year of the Monkey or the lunar New Year to you, to all diplomatic staffs, to your families, and to the people of your countries.

The past 2015 was a year of success for Mongolia. We also enjoyed active foreign relations in 2015. For instance, Mongolia was elected as member of United Nations Human Rights Council, we have begun implementing a Program on Public Diplomacy and Foreign Economic Cooperation, we have organized trilateral talks between Mongolia, Japan and USA, and we have signed the Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan.

In the year of 2016, we will be more successful and creative.
In 2016, the two important events will take place in both social and political spheres.

Mongolia will host the 7th parliamentary election. As the development of the country in the coming years depends on the result of the election, the Government of Mongolia attaches great significance to this election. As a country which has the experience of making a dual political and economic transition, and chairing the Community of Democracies, Mongolia will host crucial election in the history of democracy. I believe that all the political parties, citizens and voters will actively participate in the election, fulfilling their duty and respecting the rule of law.

We are greatly honored to host the 2016 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). Also the 20th Anniversary of the ASEM will be marked during the Summit. A National Commission headed by the Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a working group are working intensively to organizing the Summit.

We are satisfied with the cooperation and commitment of the countries and their delegates who are invited to the ASEM Summit - 2016. We are confident that the Heads of State and Government of the countries you represent will visit Ulaanbaatar to attend the Summit.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the Head of State, I declared Mongolia in a state of permanent neutrality at the 70th United Nations General Assembly's annual General Debate.

This initiative was reflected on a draft law called Law on Permanent Neutrality and was submitted to the Parliament of Mongolia. Although, it is considered as a new law which was based on my initiative, it is not a new decision.

Mongolia’s multi-pillar and open foreign policy in the past 20 years was basically related to the permanent neutrality policy. Mongolia is a peace-loving, open and democratic country that pursues a multi-pillar and pragmatic foreign policy. Mongolia enjoys excellent relations with the world countries and does not have any conflict of interests or territorial disputes with them. We do not bandwagon with big countries, intervene disputes between the countries and this is our permanent neutrality policy.

I would like to ask you to support our permanent neutrality policy and interpret it correctly to the governments of your countries.

We would like to continue to seek your kind cooperation on enhancing the bilateral relations, supporting Mongolia’s position in the world and collaborating in the international arena.

I wish that the year of 2016 will be a year of success and fruitful cooperation.

Thank you for your attention.