My fellow citizens,

I heartily greet you on this night on the eve of the New Year and wish all the best.

Soon we will bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016. The year of 2015 left a clear footprint in the history of humanity. The outgoing year has been a historic year for the world communities to identify their future goals and solutions for challenges.

In 2015, the United Nations member states adopted the Sustainable Development Goals pledging to work toward from until 2030. At the end of 2015, the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris reached a historic decision on saving and preserving the world for future generations.

Fruitful dialogues held and concrete steps taken to address numerous issues facing the world. Also, Mongolia is making its own contribution to address these issues.

In 2015, Mongolia welcomed its 3-millionth citizen and with all our will Mongolians are growing many.

In 2015, Mongolia was elected as member of United Nations Human Rights Council by winning the majority of the votes.

In 2015, a regular trilateral meeting between the Heads of State of Mongolia, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China took place and certain agreements were signed.

In 2015, the National Security Council, the President and the Government of Mongolia declared Mongolia in a state of permanent neutrality. This policy should only be related to the goals respecting the sovereignty and the development of Mongolia. This should also be consistent with our good-neighborly relations and cooperation. I have no doubt that our permanent neutrality policy will contribute to the regional security and the mutual understanding.

My fellow citizens,
The year of 2015 was an important year for us to learn from our great history and define our future goals.

In 2015, the birth anniversaries of the Khubilai Khaan, the Undur Gegeen Zanabazar, and other great dignitaries were commemorated. The 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the Liberation War was celebrated. Mongolia celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first free, democratic parliamentary election for the first time. Our prideful history is the power that we will create. In 2015, we learned from our history and now discussions on further solutions and actions are taking place.

The outgoing year of 2015 gave a great impetus to the development of Mongolia. We, the Mongolians saw an opportunity to create many things in our country based on our free choice, creativeness, opportunity and recourse. Foundation has been laid for many factories and creations and some of them have begun to write their history.

Only we should be the initiators and creators for the development of our country. Mongolia is our common wealth. Our success depends on us. Good works and initiatives receive wide support. It is becoming more difficult to be arrogant and unaccountable. The public is demanding accountability and new solutions from decision makers.

Fellow citizens,
A new year is coming. Let us strive to reinforce our previous achievements and accomplish far more in next year. Let us learn from our previous mistakes and move towards future prosperity.

The coming 2016 will be a year of responsible choice. We have to fulfill our important duty by electing politicians and statesmen who have good ethics, who possess values and who will serve for the common interest of the people of Mongolia. We have to make choice to strengthen human rights, opportunities and improve state accountability.

Heads of State or Government of Asian and European countries will be gathered in Ulaanbaatar in the summer of 2016. Also the 20th Anniversary of the Asia-Europe Meeting will be marked. Leaders of the countries of these two influential continents are awaiting fruitful dialogue and important results from the Summit. As a partner of ASEM, Mongolia is striving for the best. Mongolia’s success and reputation concerns every Mongolian. Works implemented in this direction including infrastructure and other good results will benefit Mongolia.

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad will be held in Brazil in August 2016. Mongolians showed great success in sports, culture, mental and creation fields and I hope that we will exceed our previous achievements.

I wish the coming year of 2016 will give a new bright light to everyone’s life. I wish you and your family good health, happiness and success. I wish all the best to all partners and friends of Mongolia.

I wish a Happy New Year to every single person on an official service at the moment. I convey all my best wishes to all Mongolians residing overseas. I appreciate everyone awaiting these greetings, which represent Mongolia.
I toast this milk for the happiness to all the people and the peace in the world and the peace in my country.

I wish to extend the first, warmest greetings for the New Year.

May my Mongolia dwell eternally.

December 31, 2015