A Working Group Meeting Held to Select the Winner of “National Development Award – the State Gerege”

Upon a Decree of President of Mongolia, the outstanding creation or work that became a role model in social, economic and intellectual sectors, representing the symbol of competitiveness of the country, by contributing to the development of business, infrastructure, industry, agriculture, tourism, construction and cultural sectors, and bringing the development to world standard levels, is awarded with the “National Development Award – the State Gerege” on the eve of the Tsagaan Sar, the lunar New Year.

A working group was appointed to select the winner and held its first meeting on January 14, 2015. Today the working group held its second meeting to discuss organizational issues of the award ceremony.
The Aimag and the capital city administration offices, the Citizen’s Representative Khurals, the Non-Governmental Organizations and the citizens have the right to submit candidates and nominations for the “National Development Award – the State Gerege” and reference materials of over 40 candidates have been submitted, at the moment.
On the occasion of the lunar new year the Tsagaan Sar, the “National Development Award – the State Gerege” and a cup with scripts of Presidential Decree will be awarded by the President at the State Ceremonial Palace. Also, the figures who contributed to the work or co-creators may be awarded with the State Prize and Medal.