The Office of the President of Mongolia, Public relations & Communications Division


The President’s Meeting with Representatives of The Mongolian River and Lake United Movement

The President of Mongolia recently convened with representatives of the Mongolian River and Lake United Movement. At this meeting, the representatives declared the movement’s wishes to collaborate with the Government by offering guidance on four issues. The first suggestion is to put watersheds, protections zones with river basins, and critical forest covers under state protection. The second suggestion is to measure and determine the exact damages already incurred and is soon to incur on the environment as a result of mining activities. The third suggestion is to have the Government report the law implementation progress to the President every quarter because it strongly touches on ethnic rights and national security issues. The final suggestion is to have the Government provide a report on the implementation of this law to the President and to the public, based on clauses 2 and 4 from Article 13 of the Law on the President.

At the end of the meeting, the President said the following: “The implementation of this law is critical to the protection of Mongolia from desertification. However, when implementing the law, it is extremely important to regulate the plight of ninja miners. Without this regulation it is quite impossible to enforce this law solely within administrative means.

Public participation will be crucial to finding the solutions to this issue. We should also recognize that hydroelectricity is known to have many adverse effects on the environment, which means that shifting our attention to local wind and solar energy is critical to addressing energy shortage problems in rural areas.”