The Office of the President of Mongolia, Public relations & Communications Division


The President’s Meeting with a Representative of the Mongolian Matriarch’s Association “Zayu taij”

The President recently met with Tamara, the head of “Zayu taij”, the Mongolian Matriarch’s Association. This association’s main mission is to integrate homeless women into society by carrying out the following activities: offering vocational training and work experience, providing job positions, and carrying out a step by step process that helps the women to find housing through their own labor. This entails that food and board is provided for an established amount of time, a documentation process takes place, new job openings are provided and a reward system for job providers is implemented by state policy. Ms. Tamara also introduced the association’s activity details to the President.

The President voiced his support of these activities and expressed his wishes to initiate collaborative projects and programs in this field.