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President Lends his Support on Having Traditional Mongolian Script as an Official Program for Secondary Schools

President of Mongolia, Elbegdorj Tsakhia meets delegates of Mongolian Script Association, including T. Galsan, People’s Author of Mongolia, Dr. Sh. Choimaa, State Honored, Honorary Teacher of Mongolia, T. Jantsannorov, renowned composer and two times State Honored People’s Artist of Mongolia, and Dr. T. Galdan, Chief and Editor of “HumuunBichig”, newspaper published in Mongolian traditional script.

Participants of the meeting have stressed the importance of re-gaining an official full-time status for Class of Mongolian National Script, which few years back, was turned into an applied program along with Mongolian Language and Literature Class. President Elbegdorj has also voiced his opinion on the fact that some of Mongolian historical and cultural heritages claimed by certain countries, and pledged to have systematic measures taken on this issue.

“It will be only appropriate to praise Mongolian national script as the State Script, and to learn it nationwide for the upcoming 100year anniversary of Redeeming National Independence and Freedom in 1911,”People’s Author T. Galsansaid.

Scientists estimate that of Mongolian population, young people of 22-30 years of age have taken Mongolian national script class in secondary school, while 80 percent of the overall population is capable to read, and 60 percent of that same pool can also write freely, which could greatly contribute to the protection of cultural heritage.
President voiced his support for above initiatives, promising to obligate all related subjects and to reach optimal solutions with collective efforts.