Your Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China,
Distinguished guests and representatives of media,

President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping is paying his first state visit to Mongolia in his capacity as President of the PRC, upon my invitation. The two sides agreed that this visit is a historic visit, which serves as a testament to the current high level of friendly relations and cooperation between Mongolia and China. Moreover, it has further enhanced and identified the future perspective of the bilateral cooperation.

President Xi Jinping and I had tete-a-tete meeting and expanded official talks. The talks and meetings were held in a friendly atmosphere. We have exchanged views on various aspects of the bilateral relations and reached a number of of important agreements. Most importantly, the Parties have decided to upgrade Mongolia-China bilateral relations to the level of Comprtehensive Strategic partnership level and signed a Joint Declaration on developing the Comprehensive strategic partnership between Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China. I would like to name the main principles of the Declaration.

The Parties shall respect each other’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity,non-use of aggression, non-use of force, non intervention in domestic affairs, be fair and mutually beneficial, peaceful co-existence and shall mutually respect each other’s path of development. Furthermore, the Declaration emphasized that the Parties shall not take measures, establish any agreements and join any alignments or movements that shall harm each other’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

The Joint declaration has laid foundations of our bilateral relations and affirmed our common aspiration to further expand these relations. It also opens broad opportunities for equal and open discussion and solution of any issues. This document signifies the historic importance of the state visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping to Mongolia.

During the visit, approximately 30 agreements, memoranda and contracts were signed between Governments, government authorities, enterprises and companies. These agreements demonstrate the contents and constructiveness the visit.

I would like to specifically mention the Agreement on railway transit. With this, we have solved several issues concerning sea ports, new routes for railway, volume of commodities, duration of the agreement, and facilitations. Moreover, we have proposed to our Chinese counterpart the need for enabling environment for exporting “made in Mongolia” products to Chinese markets under most favorable conditions and priority to be given to export of agricultural products without duties.

We have further agreed on taking prompt actions on challenges facing deep processing and export of mining products, developing infrastructure, namely railway, and increasing the volume of transit products. The two sides have also agreed on exchanging views on establishing General Agreement on Export and Import of energy and finalizing the agreement before the end of the year 2014. Also our discussion covered increasing the transit commodities from Asia to Europe through Mongolia to 100 million tonnes by 2020.

I am pleased that the President Xi has pledged support for my proposals on the bliateral the cooperation, in particular, to assign authorities and timeframe of economic, trade and infrastructure development, and constant increase of commodity turnover and its volume. This is a principle that would enable the bilateral cooperation, namely the issues concerning the economy, trade and transport sectors have timeframe, volume, overseeing persons .

There is no sector that the Mongolia –China bilateral relations have not touched upon. Furthermore, law, security, finance, banking, environment, social, health, education, construction, humanitarian sectors and many other fields are in the focus of the bilateral relations. And it is my pleasure to note that many projects will be progressing and many others will commence with the support of the People’s Republic of China.

In conclusion, I wish to note that during the visit of the President Xi Jinping we will exchange views on a broad range of international and regional issues of mutual interest. I am pleased to note that the People’s Republic of China attaches great importance to Mongolia’s aspiration to join APEC .

I extend to Your Excellencies President Xi Jinping and Mrs. Peng Liyuang, and distinguished guests my sincere welcome to Mongolia during this historic visit, which heralds a new page in the bilateral relations between our countries.

As Mongolians say “Fortunate people come with rain”. With your visit you have brought us rain, which signifies that you came with pure heart and that the people of Mongolia is welcoming you with warm heart.

Thank you for your attention.

August 21, 2014