President Visited German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology

Today, President Elbegdorj visited the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology after planting trees in Nalaikh District. GMIT was established by an agreement between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Elbegdorj.
Chancellor Angela Merkel signed the agreement during her visit to Mongolia in 2011 and new classrooms, dormitories, laboratories and faculties are already complete. GMIT contributes to covering the demand for specialists in the mineral resource sector and improving value adding processes in Mongolia. Mongolian universities profit from the transfer of international expertise and standards, which in turn furthers sustainable economic growth.
As a state-run university for academic teaching and research, GMIT serves as a model for reform of the university education sector in Mongolia. It works in close partnership with a consortium of well-known German technical universities. The German university partners support GMIT’s teaching and programme development.
Students are prepared for the Mongolian employment market through training that is geared to the labour market and combines a sound theoretical basis with practical experience. The university is oriented around practical requirements and the needs of the private sector. A number of companies, including the largest Mongolian mining company Oyu Tolgoi, support GMIT in a variety of different ways, such as providing internships, making contributions to teaching and programme development and awarding scholarships. Students are thus able to gather comprehensive practical experience and get to know potential future employers during their studies.