The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Inauguration Address to the Nation

My fellow countrymen Mongolians,
State officials, the faithful servants to the people

Dear Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of Mongolia have been able to make a responsible choice at the time of historical importance. It has been proven that a citizen of Mongolia, whoever he or she is, is committed to partaking in making a decision on an issue of pivotal value for his or her country. My people have proven with their historic choice that Mongolia is a democracy. I thank my people.

All the powers of the State originate from the people. Government’s budget, whatever assets and capital the state has – all are created by the people. The statehood is a structure by people for people. The Presidential election has shown that this very principle of democracy is a reality in Mongolia.

Mongolia is a country which does not need a self-proclaimed “beloved” leader. This is a place where an honest servant and helper to the country and people is needed. Having been elected by the people of Mongolia and by swearing in to honestly serve my people as their President, I have just assumed the duty to serve and help my people. I will spare no efforts to fulfill this duty. I will justify the trust of those who supported me and will earn the faith of those who did not.

I thank thousands of my friends of common cause who have made tremendous efforts to make the Presidential election open and fair and to aspire success together. I am earnestly grateful to political parties, movements, organizations and my fellow citizens who have put the national interests above all and cooperated with me. I convey my profound gratitude to all those civil people who supported me, without being held back by political ideologies.

I am grateful to my fellow Mongolians living and working in foreign countries for their sincere support regardless of miles longs distances parting them from their native shores. On behalf of my people who have made a just choice, I extend my deepest gratitude to all those who worked at all levels of electoral institution for their civil efforts to ensure that the people of Mongolia enjoyed their right to elect. For his service as the President of Mongolia, I convey all my best wishes to my Presidential race contender Nambaryn Enkhbayar and his family.

State Officials,

Mongolians met the dawn of May 25,2009, the first day of a new moon - a day of a white horse, with joy and happiness. That morning the historical Mongol soil, the people of Mongolia awoke anew, afresh. Fear and apprehension, lies and falsehood, depression and distress that inhabited the society and people’s minds vanished and faded away like gloomy shadows in the bright rays of the sun of the new morning. Every Mongolian was filled with a heartfelt joy of realizing that the life will be dignified and prosperous. This is the pride and delight made real by the Mongolians themselves.

This historic choice has brought a new order to the Mongolian society. Mongolians have proven once again that we are the owners of our fates. People have shown that they want justice and changes. People have stated that they will be the owners of their freedom, of their wealth. They have entrusted us, the state officials, to embody their wills, wishes and aspirations when we discharge our service.

I will be reminding myself every single day of the behest my people conveyed to me when they elected me their President, that we desperately needed justice in our society. History knows more of states which eroded and decayed from inside rather than from external attacks. We may not let our independence, sovereignty and freedom be threatened by forces inside the government house. A corrupt state is weak, a corrupt society is poor. Corruption erodes Mongolia’s competitiveness. Therefore, I call the state officials and my people to work together to establish justice.

I strictly warn that from this moment on any attempt to discriminate people and to abuse official position is to cease to exist at all levels of public service. I state again that bribery is a crime, and that whoever he is - a Mongolian or a foreigner, he, who engages in bribery shall not succeed in Mongolia. There are many organizations in Mongolia where public service is turned into somebody’s private office. Today we put an end to this amorality. Period.

Members of Parliament, State officials ought to bear in mind constantly that without complying the law-making, debating and ratification processes with the interests and benefits of the people we shall not be able to establish justice in the society. A law is not and should not be an extension of a state power, instead it is a manifestation of the freedom and desires of the people.

State laws and decisions are to take effect basing upon the needs and requirements of a citizen and not to accommodate any privileges or exclusive rights of state dignitaries, and this is consistent with the ideals and spirit of the civil society we are building together. Therefore, as President, I shall accord special attention to ensuring that law and decision making and debating processes are held openly and transparently and that the stakeholders do partake in these processes.

Legal and Law Enforcement Officers,

I am well aware of what risks your lives are exposed to when combating corruption and serving to establish justice. As the President of the country I shall render every support to any officer and worker of law and law enforcement organizations striving to advance this very sacred mission which our people dearly expect us to deliver. I shall accord my protection and all-around incentives to this cause. I shall not tolerate any practice, any expression of pleasing a government official for any material or non-material benefits, any unjust and prejudiced treatment of a common citizen, of poor and weak.

Everyone is keen about the unwavering role the judiciary and prosecution offices assume in establishing justice for all in this country. Every person urged me of the necessity of a reform in judiciary and prosecution. I am determined to engage in consistent and persistent reforms in this field.

I assert that the Mongolian State has no room to accommodate those who failed to deliver our people’s order to enforce justice, those who do not have any moral right to discharge this mandate. I, as your President, affirm that I shall fully mobilize my lawful powers to enable just and independent functioning of the public service, especially of judiciary, and shall cooperate with all just and honest public servants.

Dear electors,

I do very well understand that I am assuming the high and responsible title of the President of Mongolia at a crucial and critical juncture for Mongolia’s development and prosperity. I do also realize that my people have high expectations.

Clearly, I will need time to achieve my people’s expectations and deliver my promises that I made when running for Presidency, and certainly I will encounter new challenges, tests and difficulties. Yet, I shall never step back from my life-long cause to establish and safeguard justice, improve my people’s life and secure equality and freedom. I shall never forget the mandate charged to me by my people shoulder to shoulder with who we have aspired prosperity for Mongolia.

Mongolian people did survive pains and hardships as we struggled for our freedom and the new choice. Today new opportunities are being opened for Mongolians to aspire development and prosperity. New challenges emerge as well. We spent many years talking about corruption, poverty, unemployment and did undertake a lot to address them, yet, we haven’t made the fundamental changes of groundbreaking nature to resolve these issues. The situation has been exacerbated by global financial crisis, and no signs of improvement and recovery have been observed yet. Nonetheless, there is no need for us to plead for grants and aid to establish justice. Should we manage to establish justice, wealth distribution will be corrected and we will do away with crisis situation. This is to be done by ourselves.

It is a great achievement that Mongols became able to discuss and resolve our issues by ourselves, independently, inside our government house, inside our country. However, we still miss, and for quite a long, to deliver the real power, the real authority to every individual citizen of Mongolia, to every grassroot, district, province, town and city. Mongolian State is upset and troubled not because of lack of power, but because of too much of it. The progress and prosperity of a civil society is defined not by centralization of power, but with transfer of rights, effective exercise of the rights by people.

In the face of realities Mongolia remains in today, it’s worth repeating that democracy is about empowering the people and not bestowing power to someone. The time has come for the Mongolian State to return by law the seized by law power back to the people. It may even be a belated statement to pronounce that the time has come to transfer to the discretion of the people, to the business and professional communities especially in the countryside the power to make decisions for themselves and to engage in businesses and services they are naturally entitled to.

My fellow countrymen Mongolians,

Mongolia shall attain development and prosperity provided every individual citizen, every household, every village and town is enabled to resolve their challenges, is able to be a creative and constructive participant in resolving the development challenges. Mongolia’s development and prosperity is not determined by the plans and programs of the State, instead, our progress is a function of aims and goals, plans and purposes of each of us, the Mongolians. Every poor person, every poor household should have a plan to graduate from poverty. Unemployed should aim to become employed, those employed should aim at further enhancing productivity. Only then, will we make Mongolia’s development integral, only then will we be able to achieve social harmony and accord.

Participation and attendance by every citizen is instrumental in achieving social justice. Redressing injustice is not only a civil right, it is a mandatory duty of every citizen especially in a society where unfairness and bias are prevalent. This is a burden and responsibility for my every single contemporary. The reason is simple – we all assume duties and responsibilities for our future generations.

We cannot afford to let Mongolia’s future be tortured by corrupt officials for another year, another decade, and then another. We must put an end to this. Therefore, my fellow Mongolians, we should not agree to having some work life-long, endlessly and tirelessly, whereas others sit idle as in waiting rooms. All have to work, and hard. All have to participate. The environment to work and participate should be created by the state.

As the Head of State of Mongolia, I shall persistently support those who creatively participate in transforming his own and our country’s life, and not the ones who lazily absent themselves from development efforts. An order will prevail in the society whereby those who work and those who create the national wealth earn larger shares of these assets and not the ones who are loyal and close to decision-making. I shall accord special attention to ensuring and safeguarding the rights and liberties of every single person. On the other hand, I shall strictly uphold the rule of law.

I state to my people again and again that Mongolians have to live not for the Mongolian State and Government, but for themselves, for your children and for our future generations. I ask every Mongolian citizen to think of him or herself, of improving his or her own life in the most active and constructive manner, all for his own sake and not for the sake of the state. It will be my prime task as of the President to render every support in these efforts of my people. I reiterate my firm commitment to safeguarding the interests and benefits of my people.

Dear Guests, Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Representatives of International Organizations,

On behalf of the people of Mongolia and my personal name I extend our sincere gratitude for your participation in the Ceremony of Inauguration of the President of Mongolia and wish you to further expand and foster fruitful and efficient cooperation with my country.

The Mongolian people have made a historic choice and have demonstrated our commitment to democracy and justice, and that we remain a proud member of the international community aspiring development and prosperity. I have received heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for success to me as the newly elected President of Mongolia from heads of states and leaders of numerous countries and organizations. I earnestly hope that you would kindly convey my gratitude and greetings to your heads of state and to your people.

Mongolia shall consistently continue her traditional foreign policies enriched with new content and dimensions. Mongolia shall aspire further expanding the traditionally friendly relations with our two neighbors. We shall also foster and expand cooperation with our third neighbors with who we have been maintaining friendly relations and cooperation. Taking this opportunity, I extend my sincere gratitude to all countries, foreign and international organizations who have been rendering generous support and assistance to Mongolia’s development endeavors.

As we are all aware, the world today is challenged with a multitude of pressing issues and problems, which a single country is not able to resolve single-handedly. These challenges indeed are common to the entire humankind – environmental degradation, outbreak of pandemic diseases, natural disasters, terrorism, nuclear weapons threats, transnational crimes, money laundry, violation of human rights, economic crisis, global warming. The emergence of these issues necessitate countries to mobilize collective efforts for the common interests and benefits of the entire humankind. Mongolia shall remain an active member of the international community and shall actively cooperate in addressing regional and global challenges.

Dear friends,

The people of Mongolia, the Mongolian Statehood own long and glorious history. I shall do my level best to not to deprive my statehood, given birth to by Great Bogdo Chinggis, of its innate sanctity and wisdom. In the years to come we shall celebrate the millennium-old anniversary of the establishment of statehood on the Mongolian soil and centennial anniversary of the proclamation of Mongolia’s independence. We shall also mark the 20th anniversary of Mongolia’s Democratic Revolution. As it has done to-date, the Mongolian State shall celebrate these historic dates in the most creative and constructive manners and enriching them with new values and principles. The time has come for the Mongolian people to fully enjoy the fruits of our great history and freedom we have cherished so dearly.

I do believe that the years to come shall bring to the Mongolian society a tide of political and legal reforms which will elevate Mongolia to an entirely new level of development. Large-scale megaprojects with tremendous developmental effects shall be implemented in Mongolia. Mongolia’s mining and infrastructure sectors remain in the core of attention of business circles. The projects are associated with issues of pivotal importance for Mongolian people’s fundamental rights and benefits, our national security, our social harmony and sustainable development. I do fully comprehend that respecting the supreme benefits of Mongolian people, we ought to engage in mutually beneficial and effective cooperation.

We, the Mongolians, being the true owners of our lands and of our destinies as well, ought to pass this country, free and happy, bold and unshatterred, on to our children and their children’s children. We, the state officials, are charged with the task to bring prosperity and development to our people, and we must do it today, while our elders in their faded deel are still with us, and while our youngsters, winged with inspiration and dreams, are watching us with eyes and minds full of hope and trust. Let us carry on and prevail altogether faithful to the ideals of our common cause.

Let my Mongolia dwell eternally.
Thank you.