Remarks by H.E. Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, to the Diplomatic Corps on the occasion of the presentation of New Year’s Greetings

Ulaanbaatar January 15, 2014

Your Excellency Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,
Excellencies Ambassadors, Chargés d'Affaires,
Representatives of International Organizations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I extend my greetings of the day. It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you, distinguished Heads of Foreign Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations, representing your countries and organizations with honor and distinction, on this day, just a few days into the New Year 2014.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The year 2013 was a notable one, rich in events that have left indelible marks in the pages of the history of Mongolia.
We have embarked on the road of an accelerated development to increase economic capacity using our natural resources and improve the livelihood of our people. At this historical moment, it remains to be of paramount importance to maintain the continuity foreign policy of Mongolia, evaluate its adjustment to changing environment, its contribution to the development of the country and service to the fundamental interests and benefits of the people of Mongolia. The year 2013 was a historic year to lay down the foundations of the policy to move from a big government to a smart government and the beginning of many crucial reforms.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The year 2013 was a year of intense and expanded foreign relations for Mongolia. It was a remarkable year full of successful activities conducted by the reform government. The presidential election was successfully held within the legal framework.
Mongolia successfully hosted the 7th Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies in 2013. I truly believe that the conference was of great significance to Mongolia, providing us with the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of democracy worldwide and more so, has strengthened the reputation of our country among the international community. In 2013 Mongolia established its first assistance fund - International Cooperation Fund to share our experience in consolidating democracy, human rights, market economy and economic development with developing countries. The establishment of this fund represents Mongolia’s real contribution to the cause of strengthening democracy and safeguarding human rights. Mongolia shall uphold her unwavering commitment to this cause.
Mongolia actively participates in peace keeping operations side by side with other countries. Mongolian peacekeepers successfully fulfilled their duties in one of the global hot spots - South Sudan last year. We shall continue her service to the global peace with firm resolve and dignity.
I am delighted to inform you that Mongolia signed joint communiqué on establishing diplomatic relations with 11 states in 2013, making the total number of UN Member States with whom we have diplomatic relations, to 173.
Over the last year, I have paid state visits to the Republic of Poland, DPRK, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the Republic of Singapore and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, attended the 68th UN General Assembly, as well as the summits of the World Economic Forum and Shanghai Cooperation Organization. I also visited our peacekeepers in South Sudan. The Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament paid official visits to Canada, the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America, and participated in the Boao Forum for Asia. Prime Minister of Mongolia paid official visits to Japan and the People's Republic of China.
I was delighted to welcome the President of Poland, Governor General of Canada, the President of the European Commission, the Speakers of the Parliament of Finland, Denmark, Poland, ROK and First Vice-Chairman of the Council Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Prime Ministers of Japan, Thailand Turkey and Belarus. I am pleased to note an important role these visits played in strengthening and expanding our bilateral relations and cooperation.
As part of the active and fruitful cooperation between Mongolia and the World Economic Forum, our two parties organized a Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Mongolia in September 2013 within the Mongolian Development Scenarios project. The Ulaanbaatar Roundtable was an important event that not only attracted attention of but also reaffirmed a clear message to the international community that Mongolia is an investment-friendly, open democratic country.
Last year we have celebrated several anniversaries of the diplomatic relations. Particularly, the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations with the DPRK, 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of Austria, Republic of Finland and Egypt. Our joint devotion and efforts to successfully and meaningfully mark the Anniversaries have invigorated our bilateral relations.
Strengthening our partnership with the two immediate neighbors and “third neighbors”, including the United Nations and other international organizations, remains our foreign policy priority. In 2014 we are planning to organize several important events through bilateral and multilateral channels. Namely, marking of the 75th anniversary of the joint victory on the Khalkh-Gol river, preparation for the participation in the 2015 UN Human Rights Council elections and the 2022 Security Council elections, marking the anniversaries of the Diplomatic Relations with Federal Republic of Germany, Swiss Federation, Republic of Turkey according to specific anniversary programs.
As a member of the international community Mongolia strives to contribute to the common efforts of resolving regional and global challenges. Therefore, to support efforts to secure stability and develop security cooperation, I set forward the “Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security” Initiative
I would like to emphasize that broad support and assistance of the countries and organizations, represented by Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Charges d` affairs, Resident Representatives, are of critical importance for the successful implementation of the “Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security” Initiative. Therefore, I would like to call for cooperation for the common cause and shared interest.
The Mongolian State extends sincere gratitude to all of you, Distinguished Ambassadors and Resident Representatives, for serving as a bridge between Mongolia and the world. I am fully confident that Mongolia’s collaboration with the nations and the international organizations that you represent will continue to develop and expand in 2014.
Mongolia shall pay concerted attention to securing stable public policy and legal environment, as well as improving governance. It will be our pleasure to work on these issues with our partners on the international arena. Striving to serve the intrinsic national interests and demonstrating responsibility, the Mongolian Government shall honor the interests of our partners and engage in a long-term cooperation. I do hope that you will join us in these endeavors.
May the friendship and cooperation among the peoples strengthen and may our world enjoy peace and prosperity.
I wish you a healthy and happy New Year!

After the Dean of diplomatic corps, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Mongolia, Mr. Gregory Goldhawk delivered New Year’s Greetings.

New Year’s remarks to the President of Mongolia:
The Dean of diplomatic corps, Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary of Canada to Mongolia, Mr. Gregory Goldhawk

Your Excellency, Mr. President of Mongolia, Chairman, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister:
Let me say first of all, “thank you” on behalf of myself and my colleagues for the invitation to be with you today. Standing in this hall, I am reminded once again of the resilience and dynamism of this amazing country, Mongolia. To stand here is to know that you are in a place both ancient and new; of being witness to a people who are the inheritors of a deep and honoured history, but who are also reaching with resolute confidence toward a new and better future.
The year 2013 was one of unparalleled achievement for Mongolia on the foreign policy front, expanding its diplomatic relations, inking a record number of bilateral and multilateral agreements, receiving numerous high-level visits, and hosting a major international conference. These are achievements in which all Mongolians should justly take pride.
Excellency, we of the Diplomatic Corps witness Mongolia’s growing outreach to the world with the deepest satisfaction. The last year’s record of achievements belongs to Mongolia beyond doubt, but I also think it is true to say that every person on this side of the room has contributed to that success in some fashion.
While we in the Diplomatic Corps come from different countries, with diverse cultures, languages and viewpoints, I believe I can say with confidence that we share one thing in common – the desire to see Mongolia succeed. The desire to see Mongolia emerge as a strong country, with a vibrant and growing economy inclusive of the just desires of all citizens, whose rights are respected under the rule of law. A Mongolia that is an independent, robust and responsible member of the international community, one increasingly able to exert an influence for good in this world.
As we move forward into 2014, we confront an international environment of ongoing complexity. The international community continues to grapple with challenges to peace. In an increasingly interconnected world, none of us, anywhere, can claim to be truly “remote” from that turmoil – including Mongolia, whose brave peacekeepers are deployed in some of those global hotspots, such as Afghanistan and South Sudan.
The trajectory of the global economy also remains uncertain. For Mongolia, itself ever more connected through commerce and finance to the wider world, the challenge of 2014 will be to create a “smart” government and business environment in which investors, domestic and foreign, will be able to respond with agility and strength to what we all hope and expect will be an eventual economic rebound.
Excellency, whatever the challenges of 2014, large or small, we of the Diplomatic Corps will be there to shoulder those with our Mongolian friends. We wish all Mongolians peace, prosperity and growing success, in 2014 and beyond.

Thank you.
January 15, 2014
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia