The comments and opinions of citizens of the Mongolia.


T. Byambaragchaa
I have prepared my comments on draft on Freedom of the press since 12th of December 2009. Today I am very glad to be in this venue in-person. Without public participation there is no democracy in Mongolia. First of all I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the President of Mongolia.
I believe, the ethical and social responsibilities of our journalists are very poor and I’d like to add few remarks on the draft law on the Freedom of the Press. These are as follows;

  1. Media and Press outlets should respect human rights and dignity
  2. Tax-free policy


P. Davaanyam
I agree with Mr. Byambaragchaa about the appreciation for the creation of the venue for Mongolian citizens to express their opinion and views freely. In the Constitution of Mongolia, we have declared to create civil society in Mongolia. The law and regulations according to the Constitution are supposed to be created for citizens. My main idea is the law on the Freedom of the Press should aim to protect civil society.


J. Densmaa
I believe that today we have gathered to express our views. I think it is very good and healthy activity. We need more sophisticated professionals in Media and Press. Our fellow journalists should improve their knowledge on politics economics, philosophy and history. Because they don’t have enough knowledge of history, social science and philosophy that could be the reason they often tend to make mistakes.


D. Jargal
My main idea is the balance.  The journalists should keep balance between political parties and civil society.  Media is obliged to give most of its space to general public.


L. Sanjaasyren
I’d like to say, I respect this draft law on Freedom of the Press. I think everything is changing in our society as well as the whole world. I strongly believe that we should change the method to create laws from now on.


P. Bayarmagnai
This draft law attracts lots of public attention. I think this law is like two-edged sword. I think part 1.3 (articles 3.1-3.2) should be reconsidered or changed.

G.Guchin –Yus
I agree with Sanjaasuren and Bayarmagnai about this draft law. I think, law on the Freedom of the Press of 1998 is very good law.  We have a right to express our opinion freely, freedom of expression through media, but we should keep balance.

L. Enkhtuvshin
I’d like make few remarks to my fellow journalists. I think verbal and oral communication is core of the printed press and journalism. Further, journalists need to improve their communication skill.


O. Enkhjavkhlan
I have three main points on the draft law on Freedom of the Press.

  1. The journalists shall entitle to conceal the sources. Journalists cannot be blamed because he or she did not reveal their sources.
  2. Article 8.3 needed to be reconsidered
  3. The Internet Media outlets. We need specific regulation and law.


M .Zulikafil
This draft law contains four fresh ideas which are related to Press and Medias.  These as follows; parts
4.2 Independence of the Media and Press
6.2 Transparency of the State information
7.1 Concealing the sources
8.1 Establishing the Self-regulatory body
These are four new articles. That’s why this law is more advanced than the Law on the Press 1998. Thus, I support this draft law.